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Time away

It's been months since I've visited the H2G2. Years since I've written an article. Too bad, since it's so cool.

My job is lame. But the good news is we have a new Son. Kai. He's awsome, and makes living that much more fun.

Sad news today that James Kim from Cnet passed. He was trying to save his family, and it didn't work out for him. Thankfully his wife and children were rescured. Cruel irony that he would go out to find help and passed on while the ones he was trying to save survived because they stayed behind. He was a brave man doing what he could for his family.

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Work getting in the way of Surfing/Skiing

It appears that if I wish to support my family, I have to work more. That's not going to improve my skiing or surfing.
My business is busy all the time now. I have little time to get to the beach, I'm lucky if I get there once a week these days!

Oh well.

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Missing Tigger

I was just thinking about my big orange cat that died last month. I've really been sad about the loss and am amazed that I can feel so much grief for a little animal. I know it was just an animal - but we did have a real bond and I miss his annoying habits. Wherever I was going, he was always trying to get in front of me, under my feet. He never missed a chance to run out the door, even if it was just to turn around and go back in. He was always there -- and now he's not.

Why he died is still a mystery to me. He was only 8 1/2 years old. I left him at home, a bit wet after a bath, but lively and looking fine. I left and went surfing for about an hour. When I got home he was lying on the floor motionless. I was gone for about 90 minutes and can't for any reason explain what happend. There wasn't any poisons that I could find. He was a strong and healthy guy who seemed in top health.

The vet said it was likely something to do with his heart, but I can't be sure. I hate the fact that I don't know what happened. Maki and I ware looking to adopt a kitten sometime in the next few weeks so our other cat will have somebody other than the drooling, smelly, dogs (her opinion, not mine).

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Nothing New To Report


So I'm married, have 2 dogs & 2 cats a few fish and a Ausie Bearded Dragon (Lizzard). My life is really full and I can't complain
too much about anything, except that I don't make enough money (but who does). So I am ranting here and I guess I just wish
I could win the Lotto or something like that so I could really focus on my surfing and skiing. I would continue to practice law, but would only take 3 or 4 cases a year, just to keep busy with something "real."

So I practice Worker's Compensation law and represent injured workers before the WCAB (Workers Compensation Appeals Board) which is an Administrative system to hear claims before administrative law judges. It's a very interesting field, and I enjoy working with my clients. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask.

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Mexican Police

This last weekend my Wife & I, along with the Dogs, went down to Mexico to do a little surfing and to enjoy some Pacific Lobster (Langusta). We spent a plesant night on a seaside bluff and woke to fairly good conditions. We enjoyed our surfing and packed up the Van for the trip back and drove north.

For those of you unfamilar with the roads in Mexico, there are free and toll roads. The toll roads are fairly modern, with some thought put into their construction. The free roads are not well constructed/designed/maintained, etc. After exiting the last of the toll roads and beginning the journey along the US/Mexico boarder on a free road, I was wrongly stopped by a Police officer (I wouldn't call him an officer of the law, as you will see).

I quickly pulled over and was told by the officer that I was speeding. The posted limit was 60 Kph. I was going 40 Mph when he stopped me. I am not absoultely positive, but I believe that is 61 or 62 Kph. Anyway, the officer asked me for my driver's license and car registration. I provided both. He walked away for a moment and then returned to explain that I was facing a $60 ticket that had to be paid before I could leave the country. I told him I did not have $60 to pay the fine, that I only had maybe $20 left.

The officer explained that I would have to go to an ATM to get the money, and the court would hold my car until I paid. He then said I could avoid having a record of the stop if I could pay him $40. Again I said that I didn't have that much money. He then said it would be too bad for us to waste an entire day at the police station while he impounded my car so that I could go to an ATM to get more money. He then asked how much I really did have and I said, I don't have any money, my wife has maybe $20 or so. He told me if I could get $30, he would let me go without giving me a formal ticket.

Of course we were able to get the $30 together (we had much more) and I paid him off. He handed me my license and registration and we were off to wait at the boarder inspection (only 5 miles away).

Now, looking back, I think I could have gotten away with paying only $10, but it still pisses me off that I had to pay anything to this b@$t@#d! In the US I would have fought and won any ticket for being over the limit by such a little amount. The only reason he picked me out of the 5 or 6 cars I was driving along with, was that I had US plates and our Van was almost new.

WARNING! Most Tiajuana Police are Crooked.

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