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(For future reference, see A87877570 , A87877589 and A87877660smiley - ok)

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Latest reply: Sep 19, 2016

Trip planning

Not next year's big UK trip (though I did pick up passport applications yesterday, and I'm thinking we'd likely do it after the county fair, which is the first weekend following the first Thing in August, since the girls both want to do 4H again next year). No, we're doing a big family trip this year--a roadtrip to Yellowstone! We're going to be going up to see my relatives for a couple of days (staying with my aunt), then taking 3 days to drive across eastern Oregon, Idaho, and Montana, tent camping each night (while we do have access to an RV, we're not sure that it could make the trip, and, even if we were sure, fuel costs would make it impossible to go, anyway. Granted, the most expensive gas is likely going to be just from here to the Oregon border, but still). On the way, we'll be visiting the Craters of the Moon National Monument. We've reserved a camping spot outside Yellowstone for 4 nights--it's a good thing I called when I did, because there was exactly 1 space left in my 3rd choice park for that many nights--if we'd just wanted one night, we would've been able to be 10 miles closer... We've got a reservation in a motel for the night after we leave Yellowstone--real beds! Showers! A ceiling taller than me! And that's as far as the accommodation planning has gotten. Partly because we needed to make sure we had somewhere to stay while exploring Yellowstone, and partly because, an hour and a half out from the town the motel is in (Evanston, Wyoming) is Salt Lake City, Utah, where I will finally get to meet Marv and GDZ! That will be August 17. We'll likely start planning the stops on the way home in the next few days, though we do have friends that have moved to an area we'll be going through the last day or so of the trip home (PaperKid's old smiley - football coach--for some reason, she doesn't want to commute 3 and a half hours each way 3 times a week to coach. Several people have already complained about how unreasonable she's being smiley - winkeye )

I've done some looking into temperatures at Yellowstone during early to mid August (daytime like a warm day here, night requiring long underwear inside the sleeping bags!) and should probably look into temperatures along the rest of our route--though if we're prepared for the night temps at Yellowstone, we should be fine everywhere else, at night. I've also discovered how to search for free science fiction and fantasy books to read with the Kindle app on my phone... I've still got about 5GB of storage left, so there should be plenty of room for pictures (especially if I cull pics I no longer need, like price reference pics and such). We've even already arranged for petsitting for the 2 weeks we're going to be gone--the dogs are going to stay here, because Penny won't eat when she's not home, and Abby would be barking at every. Little. Noise. All. Night. Every. Night. Besides, a lot more will be open to us without the dogs, and we can't just leave them in the car while we're out and about. The chickens are pretty self-sufficient, but there is no way that the feeder and waterer will hold 2 weeks' worth of supplies.

We are most definitely looking forward to this!

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Latest reply: Jul 16, 2016

Milestone month, again ;)

Yesterday, PaperKid turned 13 smiley - yikes

Yesterday was also my 15th h2g2 anniversary.

Today is Tom's and my 19th anniversary. If we have time before 5pm, we may go pick up passport applications.

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Go look!

I'm in smiley - thepost! A87873781

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I really should post more often...

... instead of doing a wall-o'-text journal every couple of months or so, especially since I'm on here every day checking out my convos smiley - blush

We won't even mention how long it's been since I ACEd anyonesmiley - flusteredsmiley - sorry

Anyway, it's been a busy couple of months. I'm yet again doing that online scoring thing, which is now paid by the hour instead of by the piece, which explains the abundance of shared things on FB smiley - winkeye That should be wrapping up in the next couple of weeks, and I can go back to not having a valid excuse for being online way too much...

On the livestock front, the chicks I picked up last November are all laying, and my prediction of light brown eggs with one white egg has come to pass. I've also run the incubator again--my friend in Tennessee was getting rid of the breeds she had that I wanted, so I struggled with the fact that I'd promised I'd not incubate anything unless my one hen was broody (which she wasn't) and discussed the matter with Tom--who didn't care either way smiley - rolleyes So I received a well-packaged clutch of 16 eggs. Too bad the USPS smashed a quarter of them, broke 2 more, and scrambled 9... I did get one healthy Black Copper Marans chick--I just hope Fudge is a girlsmiley - grovel Hatch day was one week ago, so I've a few weeks before I'll know (note to self--ask Ravyn when her line of Marans tends to show indications). Of course, after all that, guess who went broody the day after Fudge hatched? Oh, well--she adopted Fudge and the companion chicks that I got from the feedstore with no problems, at leastsmiley - ok (As an aside--thanks to that feedstore being one that buys eggs, the chicks cost a whole $3 out-of-pocket. Even better, I had a buyer for the extra chicks before i bought them--one of the 4H moms at Notepad's last Clover Sprouts meeting said she'd buy them--and even if that falls through, it shouldn't be hard to sell them once they're feathered out and no longer need supplemental heat.)

Fudge sales have been slow--most likely because most people think of fudge-as-a-gift as a Christmas thing. But the Farmer's Market starts on June 4, and we're going to be in it. Free samples (within reason) and smaller chunks of fudge than we're willing to deliver should help sales. It's a good thing I decided to read my previous journal before writing this, though--it reminded me that I had to do the county paperwork for joining in the Farmer's Market 2 weeks before it beginssmiley - yikes I'll take the paperwork and the fee in tomorrow, and I'll be finesmiley - ok

The most recent news (about 21 hours old...) is that I'm getting serious about making it so that Tom and I can go to the UK for our 20th anniversary next year. I actually started a GoFundMe. I doubt I can post the lin and have it stay up, but if you're curious, you can search the GoFundMe site using my real name--you know, the bit up there before the "aka" part...

Last but not least, we're going to go camping for the long weekend. We're not going to have time to do anything fun between the end of school and the beginning of fireworks selling season, so we're going now.

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