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epilepsy paper II

Just got the dates for the EFA pamphlets...Wish me luck on finding my last two sources tomorrow.

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Epilepsy paper

Well, in case anyone is wondering how the paper that I've mentioned *several* times is coming along, here's a progress report. I've long since transcribed the darn thing from hard copy into plain text. Then I went through and changed it from American english to British english, which mostly meant just changing " to ', although I did have to change color to colour. OK, so I could have done that while I was transcribing, but I wanted a copy in American. Then last wednesday (Wibble to Thingites) I went to the library to find my old sources. I found three of seven... Two of them are pamphlets from the Epilepsy Foundation of America, so I emailed them to try to learn the publication dates. Next wed...Wibble, I'm off to the Sacramento State University library to try to find the rest of my sources. (That day is my errand-running day.) I've already converted my work from plaintext to GuideML, so as soon as I get all the info on the rest of my sources, I'll post the thing, and there won't be any more whining. At least, not on the subject of 'I can't find my sources for my epilepsy paper...' I can't guarentee I won't whine about other stuff smiley - winkeye

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