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Gearing up for NaJoPoMo

So, no big trips this year (well, we did go to the beach during Fall Break, but that was less than a week long--doubt even I can stretch that to cover a month! At least it was just last week, so I should be able to remember it...), so I can't just turn this year's NaJoPoMo into a travelogue. So, maybe a Q&A? Does anyone have any questions for me?

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A new career path?

Not that my being an instructional assistant was ever going to lead to a career path, 'cause I didn't want to teach, anyway!

So, y'all've known me for a couple minutes now (sorry, just had to--all of you have known me for a good while now), so this may be a bit of a surprise (or maybe not). I started as a corrections officer at the county jail on March 7. In fact, that was the job that the interview that I had to reschedule was for. So far, it's a lot like being an instructional assistant, just with taller chargessmiley - laugh I am taking care, though, since the only things I'm allowed to have on my duty belt so far are handcuffs and keys (and a flashlight, but I don't have one), since I've not had a chance to get certified in anything. The hardest part has been adjusting to 12 hour shifts, especially since my last job was very part time. Heck, in 3 days at *this* job, I work an hour longer than in 2 weeks at the last one! I've not been assigned a shift yet, since I'm still training. I'm hoping it'll be one of the day shifts, or maybe one of the overlapping (I think D's usual hours of 11am to 11pm would be great, but he already has that, so...) Shifts are normally 6am-6pm and 6pm-6am, rotating. Shifts A & C are the day shifts, and B & D are the night shifts. They rotate, so everyone has every other weekend off.

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Been a long time...

...and I wrote a really long thing about the last couple of days.

I'm fine, though.

A Scare A87930174

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I've done quite a bit since my last journal!

Since it's now NaJoPoMo time again, you can find out what I've been doing (in chunks) in the conversations hanging off of A87921093smiley - ok

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July 11 again :-)

Today is PaperKid's 15th birthday (I know, right?)

'Tis also my 17th h2g2 anniversary.

The roofers arrived an hour and a half early, about 2 hours ago...smiley - yawn

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