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No NaJoPoMo this year? Shame...

I've not been around much the last few months (or at all, once someone (most likely mesmiley - flustered or possibly a smiley - cat) changed the settings on my browser so that cookies were dumped every time the browser closed. And my saved login info was wrong. And the "reset password" button wasn't working for me. And procrastination struck, re: emailing the moderators... So I've got backlog to wade through. Given that, and long hours on the days I work, I doubt I could've written something every day, anyway...

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Been A While, Yet Again...

So... July was an interesting month. As has been the norm since Notepad was an infant, Tom sold fireworks. Less normal is that where Tom was selling fireworks is roughly 2 hours away from home... We made it work, though, and, indeed, sold out of everything before 2 pm on the 4thsmiley - yikes In a way, that was great, because we got everything (tables, lighting, etc.) packed up that night and returned on the 5th, as well as the financial balancing all finished on the 5th, but in another, it sucked, because we could've sold a LOT more (helpful hint--if there are no lights or tables, and the only people around are strapping things onto a pickup truck by the light of street lamps, they have likely sold out of fireworkssmiley - doh (though, to be fair, they didn't actually get out of their vehicle...)) As it was, however, our share of the fireworks money was nearly what one of the Crescent City fireworks booths would gross (not net) in a season. Which helps quite bit with paying bills ahead...

At the end of June, shifts at the jail (as a corrections officer) were juggled a bit, and I was moved to the opposite day shift. Shortly after that (though unrelated, I'm pretty sure) my new shift lead quit. As I had the most seniority of the people left on the shift, I was stuck with shift lead. Now, it's not the paperwork that bothered me, but the fact that I was now responsible for whatever happened on shift (as I put it, "I can't say, 'That's a shift lead thing!' and go merrily on my way, because that's me..."), yet most real decisions were things that needed to be passed to administration--and on the weekends, or after 4pm, the shift lead has to decide what things merit calling administration at home... Those of you that know me at all can imagine how well I was handling *that*. Oh, and same pay as before, too, because shift lead isn't an actual promotionsmiley - shrug As all this happened at a not-normal time--an inmate was in the hospital, so a correctional officer had to be with him at all times, meaning the shift was short, and I was helping Tom at the fireworks tent when I wasn't at work, so I was more sleep deprived than normal--I decided that I should maybe give it to the end of the month before making any decisions about staying or going. Then I noticed that my previous practice of mentally leaving work at work (to the point that inquiries as to how my day was are difficult to answer, because the answer's 10 miles away) wasn't working. I was second guessing myself all the way home. I also noticed that the thought of putting in my notice made me happy, almost giddy. By midJuly, I'd talked to Tom about it, and also my best friend. A week or so later, I talked with another friend, who had worked at the jail, and also with one person on my shift. At the point I talked with E (er, I just realized that both the people mentioned in this sentence have the initials EG (and are women), so I mean Tall E) I was still planning on waiting a week or so and then putting in a two week notice. Tom had pointed out that finding a job is easier if you have a job, so the next weekday I had off after talking with Tall E, I went to the city we do most of our shopping in, as I had heard that one of the factories was hiring through a temp agency. This was July 22. Not only was I hired, I was given a start date of July 29 (pending a negative Covid test)--*before* I was going to originally put in my notice, and before saying anything to either of my bossessmiley - yikes (I *was* thinking of saying something later that week (or maybe the next, as T, the Jail Administrator, was on vacation, though I could've talked with M, the Assisant JA, maybe, but things happened kind of quickly...) So I put in a six day notice the next morning. Since I worked rotating 12 hour shifts, this meant that I'd be working a three day weekend--and, since the new job is also on a rotating 12 hour shift, that follows the same rotation as the old (meaning that my marked-with-work-days calendar is still accurate) the day I would next be working at the jail, if not for the job change, I'd be starting my new job (I'm still surprised I didn't automatically turn to go to the jail--not wearing a uniform likely helped).

So now I'm working in a factory making vacuum cleaner parts--at least, checking that the robots have made them correctly, clipping any excess plastic, and packaging the parts for the assemblers on the other side of the building (they have production quotas, and we molders don't smiley - nahnah) I actually like it, so far--it's a *lot* less stressful than the jail, and fits me better--I *like* repetition. You're assigned a different machine each time, generally, and may be assigned to relieve someone for breaks/lunch--some machines can be left to do their thing for awhile, while some need human supervision at all times. My feet aren't necessarily happy with me--I do need to get better shoes. Right now, I'm wearing my tactical boots from the jail, with new arch support insoles (which I was due to get anyway), because, of my closed-toed shoes, those are the best I have for long term wear. The last two days at work were the first I'd had at stand-up machines, and yeah, the Bates ain't cuttin' it. They were fine for going between multiple sit-down machines, if a bit warm, but not for standing on concrete for 11 hours (shift-breaks+lunch), with or without a mat underfoot.

So, yeah, lots of stuff happened in July...

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I might get to meet Florida Sailor this December. The Paper Clan will be about an hour and a half from him, because we are going on a cruisesmiley - boing

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Gearing up for NaJoPoMo

So, no big trips this year (well, we did go to the beach during Fall Break, but that was less than a week long--doubt even I can stretch that to cover a month! At least it was just last week, so I should be able to remember it...), so I can't just turn this year's NaJoPoMo into a travelogue. So, maybe a Q&A? Does anyone have any questions for me?

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A new career path?

Not that my being an instructional assistant was ever going to lead to a career path, 'cause I didn't want to teach, anyway!

So, y'all've known me for a couple minutes now (sorry, just had to--all of you have known me for a good while now), so this may be a bit of a surprise (or maybe not). I started as a corrections officer at the county jail on March 7. In fact, that was the job that the interview that I had to reschedule was for. So far, it's a lot like being an instructional assistant, just with taller chargessmiley - laugh I am taking care, though, since the only things I'm allowed to have on my duty belt so far are handcuffs and keys (and a flashlight, but I don't have one), since I've not had a chance to get certified in anything. The hardest part has been adjusting to 12 hour shifts, especially since my last job was very part time. Heck, in 3 days at *this* job, I work an hour longer than in 2 weeks at the last one! I've not been assigned a shift yet, since I'm still training. I'm hoping it'll be one of the day shifts, or maybe one of the overlapping (I think D's usual hours of 11am to 11pm would be great, but he already has that, so...) Shifts are normally 6am-6pm and 6pm-6am, rotating. Shifts A & C are the day shifts, and B & D are the night shifts. They rotate, so everyone has every other weekend off.

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