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Amy P's NaJoPoMo 2012--November 29

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Amy Pawloski, aka 'paper lady'--'Mufflewhump'?!? click here to find out... (ACE)

Eep, it's nearly 11:30, Tom's on my laptop, I want to go to bed, and I just realized I hadn't posted my journal yet! Be a shame to miss a day so close to the end... So less waffling, more typing smiley - winkeye

I got the smiley - xmastree up tonight. We've pretty much always had an artificial tree, Tom and I. Not that we've kept the same tree the whole time we've been married--our first tree, we had for 7 Christmases, then we had to fit a rather large 2 bedroom apartment (about the same size as our current house, if not biggersmiley - bigeyes) into UHaul's biggest trailer and a covered pickup truck (and a Pontiac Grand-Am, with 3 adults, a toddler, and a good-sized smiley - dog), so into the yard sale it went. That Christmas, we didn't have a tree, but that was as much because we moved into our place the first week of December as anything else. That was 2005, when we moved from Sacramento up here to Del Norte County--longtime readers may recall that we moved a *lot* between getting to Klamath that December and getting our apartment in Crescent City in late May 2006. We got another tree that year, and had it 2 Christmases, when we were given a huge tree that I wish we still had. It would be perfect in front of the living room window... But the box alone was the size of a small fridge, and storage was at a premium when we moved out of the apartment into the 5th wheel (static caravan) to save money for a downpayment/closing costs/whatever for our own (well, shared with the bank) home, so off the tree went. We got another tree earlier this week, and tonight was the first time I'd actually seen it. Well, most of our ornaments fit, and the lights are pretty. We had some ornament breakage, but most of it happened previous to the move--Notepad's "Baby's First Christmas" ornament amongst them (and a piece is missing, so I can't fix itsmiley - wah). I have no idea what happened to our tree topper, so I'll be hitting the thrift stores to see if there's anything nice available.

Tom got lights on the little tree/bush thing in the yard that's been nicknamed "the Christmas tree" just about the whole time we've lived heresmiley - laugh and it looks good. And I took a green garland and some light ornaments and decorated a floor lamp we have, and that looks nice and Christmassy. I think I may be happier with the lamp than with the actual smiley - xmastree--but that may change once the top of the tree isn't naked.

Amy P's NaJoPoMo 2012--November 29

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deb - I'm in love with my soup maker & I don't care who knows it

This morning was very, very frosty and I realised as I was walking the dog that I was singing Silver Bells in my head

smiley - musicalnote In the air there's a feeling of Christmas smiley - musicalnote

That's exactly how it felt. So I put the Christmas CD on in the car and had a ball singing along on the way to work.

Deb smiley - cheerup

Amy P's NaJoPoMo 2012--November 29

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paulh. Bunnies are cute (There, I've said it)

I love this journal, Amy.smiley - love

smiley - toffeeapple

Amy P's NaJoPoMo 2012--November 29

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Amy Pawloski, aka 'paper lady'--'Mufflewhump'?!? click here to find out... (ACE)

smiley - blush

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Amy P's NaJoPoMo 2012--November 29

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