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I've a bad feeling about this...

Not sure who still reads these journals - haven't posted one in years...

I wonder if I'm the only one who's _not_ looking forward to the possibility of the site running itself...

Talk of committees, elected moderators, new types of volunteer staff and how to choose them... All seems to me as if it would lead to a divided community - the 'in-crowd' and the plebs...

I'm very much afraid that without some kind of 'disinterested' management to whom all users answer equally, this is going to go down hill very quickly...

Ah well - it's only a website (copyright Mark Moxon)

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I'm officially a 42ism...

Not really a meaningful number anywhere else but on this site... But there you go... I'm officially the answer to life, the universe and everything.

(Although most people who know me might say I'm usually the problem, not the answer!)

Hippy Burpday to me!

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An unexpected pleasure...

This is for my own benefit rather than anyone else's... As it'll probably not mean much to anyone else.

Spent my first week at work - back after three weeks holiday and am suffering from the blues - won't be seeing my son for three weeks as he's now on holiday with his mum - have an emotional 'love' life that's completely screwed up and insanely compliated, have been seconded to another company and am living out of a suitcase in a miniscule, boiling hot studio flat 200 miles from by own home and it was 97°F in the shade this afternoon... (Oh, and the actual work I'm doing is very stressful and sucks big time!)

All in all, not a recipe for a happy, contented Whisky you might think.

So after work this evening, I come back to my cupboard of a flat, decide I can't stick staring at four walls all evening so, despite the fact I hate going to a restaurant alone, I grab the nearest book (without even checking the title) and head out of the door looking for somewhere/something to eat.

The food was, if I was objective about it, probably nothing special, but, for some obscure reason, the combination of a restaurant terrace in a small french market town, the company of Ernest Hemingway's Old Man and the Sea - which I actually picked up in a second hand bookshop a couple of weeks ago, a slight breeze to counter the heat of the evening (still well over 80°F), a guitarist in the background singing Spanish folk songs (quite why he was singing spanish songs in the middle of France I don't know) and three hours taken over a meal, have left me feeling about ten years younger, completely calm and happier in my own company than I've felt for years...

Just a combination of things that turned a lousy week into a near perfect evening

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Testing, please ignore


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Well - I guess I'm walking home tonight...

Coz the ruddy gas board have just blown up my bus stop!

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