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Hello my darlinsmiley - smooch

About time I reported in, I think. The garden is all doing its stuff very well. We seem to have a lot of bees already, which I think is a reflection of the excellent year that they had last year. None in the bird box this time though.

I had an unexpected foreign holiday over Easter - three days camping in Wales near Hay-on-Wye as a bit of a last minute thing. We walked up in the Black Mountains, which is the north end of the Brecon Beacons, somewhere I'd never been before, it is beautiful in a different way to North Wales, which I'm quite familiar with. North Wales is volcanic, the bits of Brecon that I saw seem to be glacial, so quite a different feel.

On the top of the Black Mountains it is quite flat, and the black peat breaking through the surface shows you how the area got its name. There were a lot of signs of wild ponies smiley - pony - lots of hoofprints. I found a few hoofprints that were no more than an inch-and-a-half across. There must have been some very young foals up there. Unfortunately, despite being up there all day, we didn't catch even a glimpse of them.

On the way back down a very young lamb came to visit me. It was still tottering on it's back legs, so I guess it can't have been two days old, but it seemed to want to see me rather than its mum which was bleating away like mad a few feet away, but too nervous to come and reclaim her offspring. I got myself out of there sharpish, and hope that they sorted themselves out.

It was a lovely weekend. Though I managed to get a bit burnt in the heat and sun on Friday, whereas at about 5am Saturday, when the need to pee overcame the need to keep warm, the outer skin of my tent was hard all over with ice.

I've no idea what your farting reed bed inhabitant could be. I guess if it was a swan it would be big enough for you to see it. Let me know if you find out what it was.



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Morning smiley - kiss

My, a foreign holiday, how fancy are you then smiley - winkeye. Good to hear, sorry the ponies didn't put a look in. There is walk we do a Cothelstone on the Quantocks, if you are there before the dog walkers you are almost garanteed grazing ponies.

Hiccup and I were having a breakfast picnic, it was very foggy, you could hear them and they would emerge from the fog, it was quite ghostly really but very cool smiley - ghostsmiley - pony

Sounds cold nights, I hope you got the benefit of clear skies smiley - moonsmiley - star

I thought maybe swan, baby swans?? It didn't seem right place for swans to nest and it is not like they are short on choice. Geese is the other option. I'll let you know if I find out

Thanks for checking in smiley - hug Good to hear from you smiley - cheers

Got any thing going on the fermenting side? smiley - alesmiley - winekeysmiley - stiffdrink

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