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Well I'm kind of here. This summer has been blitzed by my head doing very nasty things to me. I wouldn't mind so much if the weather hadn't been so absolutely wonderful. The best summer in years and I've spent too much of it looking at it out of a window.

That's the whiny bits done (for now), how the hell are you? And Hiccup and Spiller and everything else? Full report not less than 27,000 words please.

smiley - bubbly


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oh HD, that bad, a right twot and a half eh smiley - hug

My head had been scrambled, lucky for me not a full on blitzing and have been able to take advantage of the Summer.

A couple of holidays in woodlands, one in a caravan near the New Forest and one camping in Wales, tent, fire pit, tap and ensuite bush that was very smiley - zen

And I have been enjoying and finding comfort in the garden

Spiller is spissed of his job but grateful to have one and is otherwise ok. I am thankful too because I am financially screwed so he has been keeping the wolf from door.

Hiccup has started a new college, going well, settled in, made some friends, enjoying the courses smiley - cool

Mum has been accident prone so there has been a fair about of running around there but she is fixed now

And that is about it.

I'm glad to see you here smiley - kisssmiley - bubbly

I managed to beat the birds to a crop of cherries and made cherry brandy. I'm not keen on brandy what about yourself?


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Hiya sweetie,

It seems like your idea of a holiday is exactly the same as mine: tents, walks, fire pits, hills. I haven't done any this year, but that is unusual. Feel free to hunt me down on facebook and you should find some nice pictures.

As for the garden, this year has been brilliant. It's amazing how much difference regular sun and warmth has made. I've actually been giving food away. While I do enjoy giving stuff away, and it's wonderful how much people seem to love being given something that you've grown, I do try to organise things so that I'm growing stuff that I can use rather than having an excess.

But my freezer is full of tomatoes, pureed tomatoes, sliced peppers, tomato soup, roasted tomato puree, roasted tomato and pepper soup, spicy tomato soup, passata, pizza topping(tomato based).

A friend recently offered me all I could pick of his fruit trees - he's got an orchard full of stuff - and it pained me to turn down a lot of it. I've just got no room.

This is far more words than I'm used to doing, so I'll post it and think if I should have said more.


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Hey you, I think that thinking something along the lines of 'woohoo look at me with the words' would be a better train of thought, just sayin' smiley - winkeye

I am not on facebook, otherwise I would be right over to look at photos.

I'm off to bed now

I'll post a garden update tomorrow and anything else that pops in my mind, for when ever you are around

smiley - smoochsmiley - lovesmiley - choc


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Hang on a minute...


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OK Hang on for 16 minutes. Bloody Flickr would not play ball.[email protected]/sets/72157636131217424/


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That's a very random selection, and not quite what I intended, but it includes me, and some of my friends.


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you darling, thank you, random maybe, looks a very familiar scene though.

Mind you I am too unfit to be walking up them hills, should really work on that...


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smiley - biggrin
smiley - smooch


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Morning lovely smiley - kiss

smiley - coffee ?

In the spirit of sharing I have tried (not for the first time) to work out how to share photos on my new (well, now nearly year old)computer and can't smiley - wah

Well I can some, I spare the details, and just send a couple in email to see if they open.

So, gardening, this year was mainly about learning and getting heads round use of space, how many plants to plant, what really likes our garden and what doesn't.

Cauliflowers didn't really like. Cabbages and kale did. Then caterpillar explosion, the buggers just scoffed everything in days. As we love smiley - orangebutterflysmiley - bluebutterfly we decided to look on the upside of this and put it down to lesson learnt. Our caterpillars were getting good and plump and then there was tragedy of a caterpillar explosion. Parasitic wasps smiley - yuk and smiley - wah

It was a great year for tomatoes *yum* Hiccup loved them, tomato is not on the top of the list of her faves in a salad and she liked the kale, warms a Mum's heart to see offspring knocking back the green veg

I really can't grow chillis, Spiller can though.

While not a good year for caterpillers a good year for butterflies and moths always a joy. The hedgehogs have been around. Spider diversity up, beetles in the 'woodpile'. Wasps (other than the parasitic ones)and bees down. Lots of millipedes but I don't often to see an earwig

hmmm, stop listing now Peanut

The garden has been a therapeutic and bonding activity. As well as the pleasure we have got out of it this year, we feel that we have got our eye in and laid some good groundwork for next year smiley - zen

Right I'll go away and take a breath but you *did* say 27,000 words smiley - tongueout


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I seem to have run out of words again. You'll have to make do with some more pictures:[email protected]/sets/72157636166135104/


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My scintillating posts often render people speechless like that smiley - tongueincheek

I smiley - love photos, thank you smiley - hug

What a big leek you have there smiley - bigeyes and bees in the birds nest you lucky duck smiley - envy

Got to go, got a well miffed teenager on my hands, hormones and a cold...


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Hey Sweetheart

You might not be feeling talkative...

but sending you smiley - hugsmiley - smoochsmiley - chocsmiley - stiffdrink


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smiley - smooch

Still here.


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Start at the top and work my way down: no I'm not keen on brandy, though I suspect I'd probably like the expensive stuff. I guess that the old Jules Clairon from the offy bears as much relation to proper brandy as does High Commissioner whisky to Lagavulin. However, Cherry Brandy will probably taste just as good made with Le Vieux Eau-de-Vache as with une premier armagnac. (That's the answer to your post 2, three weeks ago).

Next up are my opinions regarding brassicas (basically they're great, unless you try to grow them in my garden, in which case you are entering into a world of hurt).

And then I'll talk a bit more about everything else. I think I will. Tomorrow.smiley - hug


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Hey you smiley - hug

Very good to see you smiley - kiss

I think I have tried a reasonable brandy not a frightfully expensive one. Possibly it is a taste I could acquire but not that interested in doing so really, not like olives I really wanted to like olives and grew in to them when I was 42.

Hope you can get back today, or soon, how things going? Or we can stick to booze and gardening if you like. I'm easy but you already know that smiley - winkeyesmiley - devilsmiley - run


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Now then, yes, bit late. Are you still there or have you been blown across to Normandy? We just got a bit of rain up here, no winds at all.

Veggie garden is winding down now. I composted the tomato plants last week, and the last few green tomatoes are tucked away in odd corners to ripen. I'd like to try the American fried green tomato recipe, but it seems to involve buying polenta, which would in turn involve *remembering* to buy polenta while I'm actually in a shop that might actually sell polenta.

The only things growing still are parsnips and leeks. The leeks are growing where there was a compost bin up until the spring, hence the outrageous size. I'm just hoping that the weather will turn cold soon, otherwise the leeks and parsnips could well bolt. Though actually I don't want the weather to turn cold. Perhaps we could have isolated cold patches over my vegetable patch.

I didn't grow any brassicas this year. The last few years I've grown kale and purple sprouting broccoli, but I always end up losing about three quarters of the plants to cabbage root fly, and the remainder get crippled by a combination of root fly and caterpillars, so I decided not to bother this year.

Bees in the bird box! Yes, I was well chuffed with that. They were a type of bumble bee called Bombus hypnorum (tree bees), and they were very busy all over the garden. It seemed to be a good year for other bees as well, and more butterflies than I've seen for a long time.

I started the second of my three Christmas beers yesterday. It's a hoppy golden ale about 4%, easy drinking. The first, a 7% Barley Wine is bottled and maturing, and the third, a straightforward bitter, I'll start in a week or so. I've also got two doses of damson gin on the go, one with under-ripe fruit and one with over-ripe; it's surprising how different they look already. There's also a gallon of parsnip wine that I started in March which is now lovely and clear. And about 18% or 19% if my calculations are right.

That's about it for now. smiley - bubbly


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Hey there gorgeous,smiley - kiss

Not blown to Normandy but we made it Cornwall safe and well smiley - magic

We just hung around to make sure our house was still standing ok an phoned up to check the caravan was the right way up and tootled down when the worst had past

Pretty wild seas, and some powerful bouts of rain but watching from a cosy caravan with last of last years sloe gin smiley - stiffdrink

I smiley - love a good parsnip wine me, also chutney, Hiccup got some from a stall, homemade, first taste not sure, but it came into its own after a while, tasted quite nutty

I haven't seen tree bees in my garden, did used to get solitary bees but over the last three years the ground has been too waterlogged for them to have a good home smiley - sadface

Been to Cairn Euny today

(sorry tried to insert image link here, but they don't seem to be work, if you are interested in an overview, google images)

and explored a Fogou

back in caravan, with view and a warming glass of port, then afternoon nap I think...

We have pineapples for Halloween carving, cheese and pineapple hedgehogs and we are going to vodka the rest up, not traditional Cornish souvenirs I grant you but I'm sure everyone will love them when they finally get them smiley - winkeye

On that note smiley - hug

smiley - cheesesmiley - stiffdrinksmiley - smooch

arghhh, curse you, a little synapse has fired,

Ag a doo-doo-doo, <----- that is your fault, I just quite can't remember from when,

sorry where were we...

smiley - cheesesmiley - stiffdrinksmiley - smooch


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There's on sure-fire way to get Agadoo out of your head.

Just hum The Birdie Song to yourself for a whilesmiley - runsmiley - runsmiley - run

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