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the conversation started like this...

Me: Hullo can I check you have my correct address, as I haven’t received a statement for a couple of months?

Bank: Well madam, your address has been marked as 'gone away', so statements will not be sent out.

Me: Well my address is [abbreviated flat number] [building number] [road name]

Bank: well what we have is [flat number written out in full] [building number] [first 3 letters of street name]

Me: Well it didn’t appear like that on the last statement I received, it has somehow been corrupted. That will be why the postman has returned it to you. Can you change it back please?

Bank: certainly madam, can I ask for some digits from your telephone banking pass code?

Me: I don’t use telephone banking; I use your online banking. Can I change the address from there?

Bank: No madam and I cannot change your address without your telephone banking pass code.

Me: but I have just given you my DOB, mother’s maiden name and transaction history, and pointed out the typo in my address.

Bank: We could post your pass code out to you?

Me: !

And so it continued, apparently the online system with several layers of passwords is secure enough to move my money around, but not correct my postal address. Where as the telephone banking with a 5 digit pin is fine!

I could pop into a branch, but a UK bank that’s big enough to afford famous American’s to do the adverts is only big enough to have one branch in Glasgow!

Looks like I will have to resort to snail mail

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Latest reply: Sep 15, 2005

No beer shop for me :-(

So everything that was looming and happening has been and gone.
Life returns to almost normal.

I have enquired of the Glasgow licensing board, and they only issue licences to folk who have been working as managers in the field for at least six months, full time.

So unless I can wrangle a job at one of the many local off licences, that’s me scuppered. smiley - sadface

Ah well, back to S1jobs, to look for a new position!

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Not long got in, just been driving through Moscow with the snow falling thick enough to reflect most of the headlights back at me. Fog lights no help & beam while a very pretty effect certainly not recommended! smiley - yikes
even found some iced over potholes/gutters to fall into!

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Latest reply: Apr 6, 2005

Must Be Christmas,

The new Who is nearly here, my screensaver is ticking, and I caught one of the trailers yesterday on the actual TV, not a sneaky downloaded one smiley - bigeyes

They only gripe I can think of is the characters talking to camera, I find it all a bit unsettling. I assume it’s just a modern marketing thingy.

I’m pretty excited all in all smiley - boing

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Latest reply: Mar 23, 2005

Cake eating wotsit’s

So I did some baking, and brought some Banana cake into the office for general consumption.

Around about 11 I felt like a little smackeral of something with a cup of tea. I wander into the kitchen to find that the rotten wotsit’s have taken the whole thing into a meeting! smiley - grr

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