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This is a quick note to say that this researcher will be on holiday in sunny Edinburgh from the 10th August and so won't be able to be contacted until his return. If you would like to leave a message and number please do so after the squeak.


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Latest reply: Aug 8, 2001

Sometime the following week

Still not much to report. Though in about an hour I shall be in the throes of a passionate BBQ. No one's proved me wrong yet.

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Latest reply: Jul 6, 2001

The day after the day before

I seem to have some sort of writer's block. Though not true writer's block as I seem to be able to write tons of utter rubbish like this but as of yet I haven't thought of anything that I could write as a Gude entry.

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I am quite new to this so I'm not sure if this will provoke anyreponse. Afterall there are literally thousands of pages that can be read at this site and some are undoubtablely more popular than others. The chance of anyone reading this is very small indeed. Though if you do read this you can prove me wrong by commenting on it not that there's a great deal to comment on in the first place.

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Latest reply: Jun 27, 2001

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