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Peter Hessler

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Metal Chicken

2 weeks since you responded to my posting in the "What are you reading at the moment" thread and it's been too long to reply to you there - but better late than never eh smiley - winkeye

I've not read the other book you mentioned, by Simon Winchester, but I'd certainly be interested to read it if it's as good as you say. Peter Hessler's book is extremely good reading, the thoughts and musings of an intelligent young American chap, as much about his Chinese students perceptions of him (sprinkled liberally with quotes from their essays and journals) as it is about his perceptions of the people of Fuling, the Yangtse River and China in general. If you enjoy travel writing then I'd certainly recommend this book to you smiley - ok

(still reading happily through the little stack of travel books I won at the back end of last year)

Peter Hessler

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The Simon Winchester is certainly worth a read. I shall have a scout round for the Peter Hessler in the library - my bank account is a bit poor to buy much at the moment.

Won a pile of travel books? Would that happen to be through Transworld's advent calender competition thingie?

smiley - cheers

Peter Hessler

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Metal Chicken

Didn't see that competition! No my books came from answering a simple little question in about the Octoberish issue of Wanderlust magazine. They sent me 6 of last years top travel books (including the Peter Hessler) for being able to say that Michael Palin's latest book is called Sahara. smiley - ok
Already read "Apricots on the Nile" and "Red Dust", still got to get started on the other 3 - Black Earth City (a year in the heart of Russia), "A cook's Tour" (Anthony Bourdain in search of a perfect meal) and "The Fire Never Dies" (adventures of Richard Sterling).

Not a bad little haul I thought smiley - smiley

Peter Hessler

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Certainly not.

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