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New Year's Day 1/1/2008

It is! I've just heard the Foo Fighters, Leon is going to make pikelets and it is a smiley - starry day with a lovely breeze. In the street, I hear children playing, and the atmosphere is blessedly devoid of the sound of lawnmowers.

I opened up this here computer, to the cheery voice of Hol from Red Dwarf, (as you do) and there on my home page, the BBC, was the "happy" news about Kenya. About 100 people are dead in violence blamed on the disputed Presidential election.
At least, the worst that ever happens here, is an extended whine from the losing party. What can I say? Just that as Fred Dagg (played by John Clarke) used to say (I think satirically) "We don't know how lucky we are, Mate!" Yet, of course, he was right, by and large, New Zealanders don't know how lucky we are, and keep griping about dairy prices. smiley - grr

I open this year with the usual pious wish that there'll be less fighting and death this year. It never happens that way. On recent form, my next journal entry will be 25.12.08, and no doubt there'll have been political disasters in abundance. (Hey, the USA has a presidential election this year, right? That'll be interesting, to say the least! My $$$ is on Obama, or maybe I just hope he'll win. Well. We'll all see, unless the asteroid that's supposed to hit Mars in the first three months of this year, changes its mind and comes here.

One of the best books of 2007 and certainly one of the weirdest, was 'Echoes of an Alien Sky', by James P Hogan, in which people from Venus come to Earth to look at the ruins, all Terrans have been wiped out by a plague thousands if years previously.

Check it out! Perhaps the only fault it has, is that the Venusians are a tad too cooperative and peaceful, contrasted with the loopy Terrans. But this world finally becomes a by and large happy place. Pity we all have to vacate it first!


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Christmas greetings - 21st December 2007

Ciao a tutti! (Which is to be interpreted, hello all!

It's 6 years since I joined and for 5 of those years, I have reiterated, and will again, that God is what Christmas is all about!

So, to one and all, and all for one, Happy Christmas, and a great New Year of course...
smiley - bubblysmiley - bubblysmiley - bubblysmiley - bubblysmiley - bubblysmiley - bubblysmiley - bubblysmiley - bubbly

smiley - cakesmiley - cakesmiley - cakesmiley - cakesmiley - cakesmiley - cakesmiley - cakesmiley - cakesmiley - cake

Today's party political broadcast...

Today, on the smiley - bus to work, I saw a man, grooving on his IPod, as you do. He was wearing a T shirt, with a huge crest, and above it, the words HOMELAND SECURITY.

Below the crest were the words

Yes, of course.

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Three years later - 1 March 2007

I remember hearing from a psychologist at a a support group meeting in 2004, that the second anniversary would be the worst, but last year, I was very preoccupied with a certain head-gaming Italian man, which was good, because it took my mind off it.
On 1st March 2004, at around 11.00 (to possibly as late as 01.00 on 2nd March) my brother Garth died. He was known here as Empty Sky, some here may remember him...
I remember a police woman explaining to me that we couldn't ever know the exact time, because forensics aren't like in CSI - as if I didn't know that! But I am sure she was making allowances for me...

That's really all I can say, but I had to mark the day. smiley - rose
Garth Hodgson 14/10/1961-1/3/2004

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Here it is at last!

2007, it's the 1st of January, and I am sat here in our unseasonable cold. smiley - brr

2006 was a bit of a whiny year, let's hope this one is better! (I speak personally, world wise, there was the usual quota of disasters and wars... )

That it seems is never going to change!

smiley - peacedove anyway, and best wishes to all here...


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25th December 2006 A warm Christmas

Well, here it is! Christmas 2006, and the first journal entry I have made in a year. (A bit of a shock to discover that, truly.)

smiley - bubbly

Leon gave me an awesome DVD - the Star Trek Time Travel Collection, with some of the best episodes ever. We watched 'Yesterday's Enterprise', and then he got ready to go out with his girlfriend, a Glaswegian nurse called Katrina. To the cinema on Christmas Day, I hope they have fun!

I am playing a Scott Stapp album on the DVD player, really brilliant awesome stuff.

We are having the real family day tomorrow, because of the curse of the divorced family - the argument about which parents to visit.

I have received some nice last minute E-cards from some surprising people, and so I feel very blessed.

Which brings to the main point - wishing blessings for Christmas and for 2007 to all here on h2g2, with prayers for all their needs to be met, and for love and happiness, and remember, Jesus is the reason for the season!

(Yes, Matholwch, he wasn't always, but he is now!) smiley - biggrinsmiley - cakesmiley - chocsmiley - santa

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