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The future

Right Imgoint to right a artile itll be up in a few days, and since im back Who are my Lurkers, Come on step from the sahdows into the light.
Ill also post my blog (when im shure its safe).
But Hi.

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hello world

Hello world, hello H2G2 and hello everyone else (planet Rupert for example (*see mostly harmless))

Well I don’t know where to post this, its either H2G2 or Blogspot so I’m going to put it on both. Especially H2G2 because I never seem to be on even though I waste most of my life on the Internet getting absolutely nothing done!

So what’s been happen to me, well err…
I got dunk, I know it’s not a clever thing to do but there you go, oh well, smiley - ale.
I had an exam on Systems analysis, it was a retake because last time I got Three or Four points (I cant remember its probably the slight hangover I’ve got left and the fact that I haven been to sleep all night, but I’m feeling surprisingly buoyant especially after the show I just had, even though I don’t like them, can’t get the hang off them, I much prefer baths not very environmentally friendly but I think there better all the same, a showers much like trying to get washed in the rain .) well where were we.. ah the exam, well I think I did well apart from question 2B (or not 2B that was the question).

Is that it?? Err…
Oh anyone want to email me? Probably be a better way of knowing what’s going on! (And it’ll keep me sane oh go on please smiley - grovel

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hello, anyone? I used to come here, I used to come here a lot. I used to enjoy it and I talked to lots of people. I knew all the siles and was one of the first at United Friends of H2G2space, but then I drifted away, and since then Ive became bored and loney, verry lonly, not only on the net but here in real life too, Im allmost containlty depred and paranoidly scared of others. If anyone sees this plese realpy, we could have tea allthoughj ive fogotten the smiley, maybe you could show me.

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I`ve got to write an entry on how happy I am at this moment. If for no one else for me. This is so briliant Im watching the star wars hyperspace webcam and theres a duel going on with light sabers and evrything. I`ve whated this set be built and now theres a light saber duel going on on it. Wow. This is like watching the dr who movie for the first time or watching eppisode one at the cinima.!!!

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I owe evryone a an apolagy.

Im sorry i have not been on for about six months. I had to go away for a few weeks and when i came back I dident log back on becase I thought that i had been away too long, and as time went on this got worse till a whole six mounths had gone by.
Sorry evryone.

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