Yea and the Lord said to the Cosmic canerat "there is no friggin way you are getting aboard the Ark"

rocket ufo rocket ufo rocket ufo rocket ufo ufo rocketufo rocket ufo

"Ford Mondeo apologises for the disintinct lack of imaginative images on his page, but as soon as he can he will in time create a page that will make you weep with its beauty. In the meanwhile you will have to make do with this" Yep. A year on and still I have failed to create a more exciting page.Damn Im GOOD!


No longer a student Ford mondeo in the great tradition of the best geniuses is temping for a global banking firm as a filer and is hating everyminute of it.He is Biding his time until he can conquer the world. Also he is still very short of money. Donations would be graciously accepted, and for the female members will be rewarded with copious amounts of sex.

Duellist? Only in as much was the former club captain of his univerity's fencing club, and tried to get them motivated into competitions, which is futile because he himself cant be bothered to enter most of them. Now however he struggles to fence once a week dreaming of more glorious days. They may yet return.

Satirist? Certainly.Though recently he has been rather less than cheerfull. The nature of the universe still perplexes him, in particular women, thoughhe has come damn close to figuring it out. (The universe that is. Women are impossible to fathom)

H2G2 researcher? Certainly one of those that believe taking the H2G2 to the streets (or rather the bars )and that no guide entry can really be of any critical value unless it is viewed with beer glasses. Now that he has a lot of time on his hands he will be devoting many of his efforts into overseeing new entries that will stun the H2G2 community in its insight sagacity and lack of grammar.

First and former president of SHADY STOCK LADS??? An organisation set up in Kwik Save Erdington Birmingham, devoted to maintaining the awful standards of shelf filling and repetedly save the shop from being closed down.He is not so sure the organisation still exists.

Founder of the Bishop Walsh Philosophy Corner? (now down to three life members.Two of them abroad)

Er what else ...oh yes other subject s he can talk/rant/ramble incomprehensibly about:

Serious knowledge of Italian life and culture, especially on the subjects of extortion, coffee drinking etiquette and tax

In depth knowledge of the primitive car building life forms known as 'Brummies' and some of the more astounding attractions that their concrete and lifeless enviroment can offer.

Moderate but qualified expertise on "getting wasted" on tequila drunk

Passionate and philosophic opignions on western swordplay, especially the merits of using the thrust rather than the cut, and the firm convictions that sabreurs never made it past homo erectus either in intelligence or hygenic standards.

Unfortunate and useless information about political science and international relations. (I studied it for a degree) But incredible ability in spotting a political scoundrel at 100 paces.

Hopelss rants on the now tired but stubbon question of "why do women like bastards" flame war.



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