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Me in the post!

Just to draw everyones attention to the fact that i've got myself a TV review column in the 'post'! (Shameless self promotion!) I hope everyone will give it a read.

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Latest reply: Mar 23, 2007

Merry Christmas!


Just a short note to wish everyone on here a wonderfull christmas. I'd just like to take a momment to say thank you too everyone, and that i'm sorry i havent been in touch alot of late.

I promise that will change.

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Latest reply: Dec 25, 2006

I need a new guide entry to write!

The title speaks for itself, any sugesstions?

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Latest reply: Oct 12, 2006

My return!

Hello all! Just a quick entry too say i'm back, in case you hadn't noticed :-p

I've had such a wonderfull time in egypt, the things i've seen! The vally of the kings, everything like that!

I fully intend on writeing a proper guide entry on my travels but this is just a short note to say i've had such a wonderfull time. I've missed you all like mad!

No ONE mention the Doctor Who finale, i have to wait till friday untill i get to see it!

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Tempory entry as to explain my absence in the comeing week.

Hello all!

I'm not going to be on much in the next few weeks as i'm jetting off to egypt on wednesday. I'm only going for a week so i'll be back real soon but this is just to explain my absence. I'll tell you all about it when i get back but for just now..ta ra!

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