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After Years

It's been nigh on ten or nine years since I was on h2g2. A lot has changed.

The reason I was gone was because the BBC login service attached to croaked my password. Also did I mention Bibliotec who ran died a most undignified death.

So I was very much out of luck from accessing my account. But recently I got news that h2g2 wasn't on the BBC any more and thanks to the kind moderators, I have my account back.

Thank you moderators!

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New York Part 2

So me, the wife and Walter Sickert and the Army of Broken Toys (Edrie) had a great night out. We first ate at a Japanese restaurant (very good sake) and followed it off with 70's punk, jazz experience and some good ol rock and stuff (you can tell I'm not a music person) put it was a good night. My being dressed up as I am got me a prop part in the Army of Broken Toys gig and I just stood there looking wistfully at a clock.

Afterwards we all came back tot he Waldorf and drank champagne, ate cheese cake and talked about random stuff. Good wind up for the night.

So now that we've taken our leave of the Waldorf and moved onto the Algonquin, a nicer hotel on first impressions with more warm and friendly service.

Got to walk around New York for a few hours visiting Little Italy, China Town and going to the bay to see the French statue on that island. We're going to go out to see Iron man this evening since it's Monday and all tourist stuff is closed on a Monday.

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New York Part 1

So here I am enjoying New York for the first time enjoying my Honeymoon with my lovely wife. It's been a bit delayed since we got married a 496 days ago and we're doing it now because it'll be our 500th deimversery. We do metric cronaverseries, every 100 days. Keeps me on my toes according to my wife.

Anyway so we're here sitting in the Waldorf drinking French champagne in classic 1940's clothes, me in a bowler and my wife in a lovely black dress with a victory roll hair do. Talking about how they've really let the place go down hill since they've let people ware t-shirts and jeans (as a joke).

(wife here) This place is fun to lurk around with a camera. And our suite, while small, is beautifully olde wolde. I think we need to do dinner in the restaurant that says they don't accept jeans and sneakers. Not that there's anything wrong with those (I packed three Ubuntu t-shirts and some jeans for DoctorMO), but we came here to be posh, so let it happen!

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Akonadi Poem

I was in a rather heated debate and I had to write out my argument in the form of a poem, otherwise the steel "talk to the hand" I got would be seen as valid.


I gaze across to what I want,
it dances about in mad taunt.
The dream I see before I think,
Yet it somehow makes a valid link.

Beyond my dream are other folks,
who write code so bespoke.
They think of extension as if it were golden
and not of the people it must be sold on.

To create a new away from vice,
We can use the same code more than twice.
It's not a function that needs to go,
But the structure that must take the blow.

What is a core if not at root,
A part that can't be in a suite.
It must focus on all at once,
If it needs to be what it wants.

The work hard and the price great,
It is ok if it comes out late.
So long as the function is available,
to all that require it to be able.

Too late we think with eyes so short,
and forgo the the process we are taught.
For some new app we want to see,
The site of which we must agree.

How can one decide to chase,
without a home or sturdy base?
Those dreams we want to exist,
Depend on an ability to enlist.

Work together at some place,
So long as we're not focused some where else,
We can make something great,
But not unless we all best mates.

- Martin Owens

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Feburary Weather

Well the weather is picking up here in Boston; And while it is a bit of a mixed bag, I much prefer this weather to the summer. Perhaps that will change with the onset of yet another hot summer.

This week sees ubuntu-ma maturing, our little gang of people are starting to organise more, and our second installfest event on saturday should mark a step change in our activities.

I'm working on a DBO class for perl which should be quite interesting when combined with a prefabrication module set. All of this is for Dohickey and I rue the much delay in getting it done.

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