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This week has been very good - with the good old Beeb reshowing the H2G2 T.V series and my first entry making progress. Am looking forward to seeing it make it all the way into the guide proper.

Still hampered by fact my boss can see my p.c screen.

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Latest reply: Aug 3, 2001

First time blues

Wrote my first contribution today but struggled to figure out how to submit it without getting caught by my boss.
Suspect that I will have to keep my head down and look for my towel until I hear whether it has been accepted or not. Submitting stuff doesn't seem to be too easy.... I wait to see what happend next.

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Douglas Adams

Saturday 19 May. Despondent at learning of the untimely demise of a serious twisted mind, I have decided to revisit the H2G2 trilogy in 5 parts, and to stear clear of gyms. I am now happily ensconsced in the art of reading whilst remaining sedentary.

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