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covid vaccinaitons off in Massachusetts

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paulh, vaccinated against the Omigod Variant

For the week ended February 25, 215,000 people were vaccinated. That's about 30,000 per day. But the Boston Globe says the state receives only 130,000 doses per week. That's a lot less! It's less than 20,000 people per day. And, a million people were added to the eligibility list.

So, more people chasing fewer doses!

And, you need two doses for full immunity. (or what passes for it.)

1,500,000 vaccinations have occurred as of Feb. 25. That's enough for 750,000 people.

Population of Massachusetts: 6,893,574

550,000 confirmed cases

About 6,400,000 people who have not had Covid-19 (probably understated)

Subtract the 750,000 who have been vaccinated (Most vaccinations in March will probably be the second doses, scheduled 28 days after the first one)

Let's say 5,650,000 left to vaccinate. And the state gets enough doses to fully vaccinate 65,000 people

It will take about 87 weeks to vaccinate all those who have not had the disease.

Though probably fewer weeks than that.

--over that span of time, more people will catch the disease, and no longer need the vaccine

--an indeterminate number of people will be opposed to to vaccinaiton, or will give up on getting it because the state's website can tell you you have a 1-minute waiitng time, and then amoment later tell you you have to 13,000 minutes (that happened to me this morning. The end result is always the same: no doses are available, no matter howl ong you wait.)

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covid vaccinaitons off in Massachusetts

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