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Sonnet: Blizzard of ash

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pauh, still writing

Sonnet: Blizzard of Ash

They were not loved when first to Heav'n they rose
("World's tallest tombstones" someone dubbed them then),
But gained respect from many of their foes,
Though not enough. Before the clock struck ten

That sunny morn, a glinting silver dart
One tower's side with cruel hatred struck.
A ball of fire sprang from out its heart,
And thousands felt the building sway and buck.

A second dart the other tower hit,
Another puff of flame, and from on high
The bodies fell, as droplets from a spit.
The towers crumbled. Thousands, doomed would die.

Like tiny snowflakes, ashes tint with gray
The air, where no more light will shine today.

[I used to have some talent as a writer, even if I do say so myself. I'm grateful to the layout of H2G2 for making it so easy to retrieve things you've written in the past (and also things the other researchers have written).

The above poem was about the destruction of the World Trade Center in 2001.I had it published in a local paper in the town where I worked.

Sonnet: Blizzard of ash

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Icy North

That's an amazing piece, Paulh. It brought back many emotions of watching it from afar.

smiley - candle

Sonnet: Blizzard of ash

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pauh, still writing

Thanks, Icy North. Nice to see you again.

I'm going back over things I've written in the last 19 years. The best stuff is going into some open office files.

I post from these files in the nonsense verse convo. I find that my material has gotten less imaginative since 2018. I want to be reminded
of what I once was.

Sonnet: Blizzard of ash

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Icy North

Yes, I go back through my guide entries every now and again. There are a few I’m proud of, but they’re triumphs more of research than penmanship.

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