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Nira no Kamo

Put an entry up, "Why I Hate Sheep". It's an essay I wrote quite a bit ago, but it seemed appropriate for the Guide *grin*.

Call me little Kamoko. Everyone. Now.

Nira no Kamo, Bearer of the SNQDLSD (Spoon of Not Quite Death but at Least Severe Discomfort), She of the Four-Day Non-Sleep Binges, WTEitFM (Way Too Early in the Fraggin Morning), 17/5/01


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vogonpoet (AViators at A13264670)

Why you hate sheep smiley - biggrin Nice work smiley - smiley You still around here?
smiley - cheersvp


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eep! no amount of pounding my head on the desk (or the help files) could get my old login information out of my head, so i have a new one... danke for the comment! *grin*


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I really like your sheep article. I don't know if you're still reading this page or your newer page, but if so, I would like to submit your article to the alternative writing workshop - we're looking at setting up an Underguide, and sheep knowledge has got to be part of it!

Let me know if you read this and object.


I have sharp teeth

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I just read your sheep entry and found it fairly interesting. I don't know much about sheep myself, but I do know something about cows, and I don't think they're much better. I am also reminded, oddly, of my little brother, but that is a different story altogether.

Oh, and lloyd alexander rocks. Been a while since I ran into another fan.

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