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Bambi - Keeper of Crystals and Royal Heart Royal (The Stag of Balwyniti)


Hi, I'm a PhD student in England, Durham to be exact. I have a few questions to ask:

OK, What do you do? If are happy to, perhaps you could write an article about it smiley - scientist?

Also, How come you say you write your poetry in Dutch, yet you have lived in Belgium (Belgium man!! Belgium!! - if you've read the Hitchikers Guide to the Galaxy you'll understand that and probably be sick of it by now. If not, you'll probably still be sick of it and not understand!)



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hi bambi! (why this nickname?)

to answer your questions :

The working title of my PhD is 'influence of ion assisted deposition on the microstructure of thin films'. I do research on a specific deposition system (based on sputtering... you know what that is, I guess), which causes thin films (maximum thickness 2 µm) to grow biaxially aligned (i.e. the grains in the film are aligned out-of-plane AND in-plane in more or less the same direction --> some pseudo-single crystal layers). These layers can, for example, be used as template layers for epitaxial deposition of superconducting layers (high temperature superconductors), in order to develop so-called 'coated conductors' (i.e. superconducting tape to be used for magnet manufacturing etcsmiley - winkeye.
Are you still with me?

Anyway, if you're interested, I can give you some more explanation, but for the moment this should give you an idea! And actually, I have already written about 8 articles about it, the last three years... All of them small articles (no review articles), but nevertheless...

About the poetry : Dutch is one of the three official languages from Belgium (true!) : French, Dutch and German. In fact I should say 'flemish', but this is essentially the same language as dutch (what people talk in the Netherlands). Therefore, since dutch is my mothertongue, it's natural to write poems in this language, isn't it?
smiley - erm
BTW : what's wrong with Belgium? I DID read the hitchhiker's guide, of course, but I can't remember the link... help me out?


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hm... don't ask me what that smiley - winkeye smiley is doing next to magnet manufacturing, since it's not funny! it appeared all by itself!


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Bambi - Keeper of Crystals and Royal Heart Royal (The Stag of Balwyniti)


It's Bambi because, when I was at school we were trying to think up nicknames and Bambi was suggested as it's almost an anagram of my real name (well 3 letters are the same!). It didn't stick, but when I had to think up a nickname it was the best I could do.

I followed the description. I'm not into surface science, but we have a very strong surface science group here in Durham, but they all keep themselves to themselves. We have to do courses about it, but I'm afraid it never really interested me. I was always more interested in the bulk properties of a material. I do bits on superconductors from time to time though, as my primary interest is in continuous solids rather than molecular solids, if you see what I mean.

(BTW the winkeye probably appeared because you put ; - ) or ; ) which gives you a winky smiley - winkeye )

I knew Flemish was an official language of Belgium, but I didn't realise it was so close to Dutch that people called it Dutch! So of course it is perfectly natural to write poetry in you mother tongue!!

Oh yes and Begium in hg2g. Well, (in the radio play at least) they discussed loose tongued people like Zaphod who used the most offensive word in the universe, which was.... ...BELGIUM! Zaphode then says, "Belgium man, Belgium." I guess they are saying that Belgium is the most inoffensive place, has the most inoffensive people etc. in DN Adams language! However, I guess you know this, but that is not the way a lot of Brits see it, as Belgium (Bruxelles in particular) is now seen as a representative of Europe, which we all know is evil smiley - winkeye . This is all very tongue in cheek, I'm poking fun at some of the people here who are extremely zenophobic and I'm not one of them (before I get flamed!).

Anyhow, must do some work today,


PS Why Honey (Is it your real name?) and why Honey3 in particular? (I guess that's NOT your real name!)

PPS Your English is Excellent, so I'm assuming you understant everything I have said. If you don't let me know and I'm happy to clarify...


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sorry for responding very slow... Sometimes I just don't have anything to say, I suppose! (a lot of people 'd better not say anything when they don't have anything to say, but unfortunately that is really wishful thinking).

Anyway, yes I understand everything you said.. I couldn't remember the 'Belgium'-thingy from the hhgg, really... I think it's a bit weird, since I wouldn't dare saying Belgium is the least offensive country I can think of... I stay here because of family, work, etc. etc., but frankly I'd much more like to live elsewhere (Australia, for example), even if it's only for the weather! But since you're English, I guess you understand!

About honey³: no, it's not my name, nor a part of my name. It has several reasons, in fact. First of all, for some totally obscure reason, my best friends used to call me 'honey' (probably because I'm not a very nice person... I tend to get "verbally agressive" in discussions, but this disappears as soon as the discussion is over!). When I had to think of a nickname, it just popped up, and there you have it... The hoovering ³ has a meaning as well. Some time agon I was very impressed by the SF series 'Hyperion' by Dan Simmons. Now, if you have read this, you know the most important thing in the universe, according to this novels, is the Void, which consists of small quantum-cubes with the dimension h³ (h being Planck's constant, as you should know)...

I know, it's farfetched, but I don't care. I tend to stick to things once I've chosen!

About the materials science: I'm also interested in bulk material, but the surface science research was much more convenient over here because of the fact that the whole laboratory here works on thin films. The only thing I'm afraid of, is that it's a little over the top for me, and that I will never fully understand. Then again, everybody in physics research has doubts ever to understand...!

Back to work!


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Bambi - Keeper of Crystals and Royal Heart Royal (The Stag of Balwyniti)


No reason to apologise - that's what I really like about email and h2g2, you don't HAVE to respond immediately and you don't feel like you are hassling / disturbing people like when you telephone.

I think the bit about 'Belgium' is trying to make just that point - Belgium is very inoffensive, but then maybe there is another Belgium in the galaxy that is exacly the opposite... smiley - winkeye

I've not read the 'Hyperion books', but I'll add it to the list of reading material that I've obtained recently - it starts with the 'Discworld' books, so I guess I'll be here a while! - Anyway, I like your name!!

Hmmm, physics research. That really does it for me I'm afraid. It's the magic 'P' word. I was quite good at 'P' at school, then I came to Uni and found I couldn't cope with 'P'al chemistry never mind 'P'!! I think the think with 'P'al chemistry was that I found it very boring, while I didn't really understand either. Now I'm a crystallographer which is (at least in this Uni) a branch of 'P'al chemistry - c'est la vie.

Anyhow, I now have nothing to say, so I'm not going to waffle any more...


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