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Hello Honey3

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Gnomon - time to move on

Hello Honey3. You seem to have been here for a few weeks so it is probably too late for me to say welcome. I am delighted to hear that you play classical guitar. I play a bit of guitar myself, but it is more strumming chords and finger picking.

I hope that you will be able to contribute some articles on music to the Guide, as well as the Physics ones. There seem to be loads of people here already who know about physics (or at least they think they do), but very few classical musicians.

Hello Honey3

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It's never too late to say hello!

I'll really try to write something about music in the -near??- future, but unfortunately I'm too busy at work for the moment.
I went to visit your personal space some time ago already, and it seems you have been writing heaps of entries! When do you do it? I'm impressed!
Oh and by the way : I also played the recorder for years, in a quartet. we played Bach in churches and stuff like that, it was really amusing to do! Unfortunatly one of our quartet couldn't continue and we stopped... I continued for some times playing on my own, but this wasn't very fun to do, so I quit and started playing the tin whistle.
I've also played the piano for seven years, but I quit that because I couldn't take my piano to a student home when going to university... That's eight years ago now and I haven't played since...

Anyway, I'm glad to hear (?) eurm... read from you, I've read some things you've written and I'm a bit jealous of the way you write. As I've probably said before : I admire the way you english speakers use your language (all these expressions and funny words)...

ooops! really have to get back to work!

Hello Honey3

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Gnomon - time to move on

Thanks for your quick reply. When do I write my articles? Well officially I do it during my lunch break at work. It doesn't really take very long. I sometimes have to do a bit of research too, which I do at home with my reference books.

When I say officially, I have to admit it occasionally slips into work time!

I've recently started meeting with two friends for informal recorder-playing. We play soprano, alto and tenor, or alto, tenor and bass. It's great fun!

Hello Honey3

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yes, the recorder is a much underestimated instrument. Most people in Belgium know it because they have to play stupid songs on it during music lessons in highschool, so they keep linking it with stupid songs for the rest of their lives. It's a pity... We played with a bass, two alts and a soprano. I can't remember why... Maybe it was only because nobody owned a tenor!

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