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Last night, as I sat in the departure lounge of an airport waiting for my flight home after a short business trip, looking around I realised some important things

All around me were people I did not know and that I had never met, but almost all of them looked familiar - echos of people in my past life and reflections of my world and how it used to be.

For a short while I found myself longing for that life again. Then I saw their eyes and how lost they all looked. That used to be me - checking my schedule to see where I was, trying to find a place called home, wondering if anyone had noticed I had been gone.

Some things have changed a lot, it is now very rare for me to travel with work and my first realisation was that I liked surrendering the control of my world to the unseen entity that is a travel schedule. Not having to take accountability for my availability or my timekeeping!

But more importantly I realised that I did not like giving up the rest of my life to this same travel schedule. I am glad that I am on my way to reclaiming a life and now know that I should look to add some more travel and exploration time. I love the feeling of freedom and potential when you are discovering somewhere or something new.

I also discovered that I still have not found a place that feels like home. Coming home to house filled only with memories and to do lists feels sad and I think the time has come to find a new lighthouse to turn into a home. A place to enjoy coming back to. Maybe one day even a person to come back to.

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