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Back to Edinburgh

Back to Edinburgh

Megabus smegabus, but at least its on time,
Back to Edinburgh after 3 years away.
Acting the tourist with a colleague in tow,
Just how much can we see in a day?

Out into Princes Street, check out the view,
Breath in, breath deep, beer is abrew.
The gothic rocket homage to Scott,
Beckons us.

Climbing up, Wind whirling;
Turning around, wind swirling.
Up and up, then back down -
Traffic above, no passing.

16 people come down,
World record holding people in a Mini team?
8 of us go up, there is just no space.
Pictures taken of the ant-tourists below.

After Scott, up to the castle,
Stupid Tattoo scaffholding still in the way,
Retreat to Elephant House for coffee.

Warmed and energised, time for more climb,
Arthur's Seat this time our windy destination.
Wind up there always exciting,
Best place in Edinburgh, panoramatastic.

Back down to Holyrood,
Scotlands latest folly intrigues,
Parliament building cool I suppose.

A few pints and a good nights sleep later,
We walk across the Forth Road Bridge.
Two and half kilometers of elegant greyness suspended,
Utterly dwarfed by the other:

The Railway Bridge just never fails to bamboozle,
Confidence perspanified, mighty, improbable.
8 million rivets,
55 thousand tons of steel,
Much granite,
98 lives.
Engineering perfection.

We return by train, and do the castle.
Then back to Aberdeen, and thats it.

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And so the battle begins...

As sure as night follows day,
Death follows life,
and sweat follows exercise,
So cometh the Vectors in Spring.

Full of strange beasties,
Parasites and viruses,
Dirtyness, stickyness, noiseyness.
Here cometh the Vectors this Spring.

Our territory endangered,
Our peace of mind distrupted,
Our herb shoots trampled,
By the Vectors during Spring.

From dawn till dusk,
By shout and growl,
With brandished broom, in vain
I repell the Vectors during Spring.

Who will triumph,
The Vectors or I, and thus
Luxuriate in the glowing sun,
In these glorious days of Spring?

Disease Vectors,
Sky rats,
Bloody pigeons all.
My balcony is not your nest.
So p**s off.

smiley - grrvogonpoet

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Yahoo broken?

Is it just me, or is Yahoo! Mail somewhat broken at the moment? I seem to have no troubles with any other site at the mo, even Yahoo Groups is working, but I can't get past the Mail sign in page.

Had the same problems yesterday. smiley - grr

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Happy Hogmany

Looks like I have no spare time of any description any more. Consequently can't spend any more time here, certainly until after the festive season.
So happy hogmany folks smiley - stoutsmiley - pggbsmiley - stout

smiley - cheersvp

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What makes your days buzz by???

smiley - tea minus 3 days and counting.
smiley - handcuffsvp

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