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Corporate fartknockers and other stories...

Dowloaded a really interesting report from yesterday. It deals with the aftermath of the Fair Play at the Olympics campaign, highlighting human rights violations and poor treatment of workers in the sportswear industry. I've campaigned for No Sweat for a while, but this report is really interesting. Smaller firms like Puma, Fila and Umbro are highlighted for their shocking practices and workforce mistreatment, whilst the big guys like Nike and Adidas are well known for being arseholes and are - I am pleased to report - sorting themselves out to some extent.

Why is it that in the 21st century, we in the rich MEDCs are such bastards to our fellow human beings? Why does coroporate profit outweigh the rights of the individual to such an extent? Can anyone justify to me the fact that we turn a blind eye to the goings-on in sweatshops so we can buy trainers?

I would love for big name sports stars to tell the manufacturers where to stick their endorsements until they sort out their workforce management issues and actually start acting like members of the human race. Probably won't happen, but it's a nice dream...

If anyone reads this, please visit and get stuck in. And just think about who made your new trainers. Could be someone the same age as your kids. Or grandkids.

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Latest reply: Oct 8, 2005

What? No rugby?

Well, the season is pretty much over. The scrum caps go back into the cupboard (for those unmanly sorts who wear them...), the boots stay in the plastic bag and quietly rot until the autumn, whereupon they will be removed and a quiet "oh, shit" will be uttered and a jaunt to the sports shop to spend 60 quid on a new pair that will suffer exactly the same fate ensues.

I hate summer. No rugby. I don't have Sky, so I can't watch Super 12 or NPC matches, the Lions tour only appears to be on Murdoch's extortion channel and I'm miserable.

I go to the Guide to find out what it has to say on the subject of my favourite sport-cum-pitched-battle. But there are only a few out-of-date commentaries on RWC 1999 and a couple of short entries that don't really shed any light.

I know how I will spend my summer. With my lovely new KooGa ball at my feet, I will try to write a guide entry on Rugby Union that does this great sport justice.

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Latest reply: May 21, 2005

The end of summer and other stories...

Well, I know the summer is almost over now. GCSE results are out and I've just finished my last shift volunteering at Oxfam. Arse. Graet laugh, funny people and more hideous clothes than you can shake a stick at. Why do people think that anyone will buy a pair of cut off denim hot pants with interesting stains in dodgy places? A single fake leather elbow length glove? A 2000 piece jigsaw that is missing over a hundred pieces (I had to count the F**king things as well!)?

If you have any spare time, volunteer for Oxfam. Hours are flexible, you get a free lunch if you do over 4 hours (that might just be Surbiton...) and you can experience Donor Rage at first hand!

And don't believe the Shite that the Daily Mail printed about the full page ad in the Independent - £15000? More like £500...

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Latest reply: Aug 26, 2004

dreams do come true...

Well, a lifelong ambition has been accomplished. On Tuesday night I actually saw Pixies. Not little mischievious creatures that pop up in fairy stories, but the Almighty Pixies, the band I thought I would NEVER get to see live when they broke up all those years ago. But they are back. And they rock. And I WAS THERE at Brixton Academy. It was sooooooooo good. Still buzzing about it two days later. Ahhh, the healing powers of Rock n' Roll with sweary bits. So, sing along with me..
"You are the son of incestuous union...."

Hoorah for Pixies!

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Latest reply: Jun 4, 2004

silly me

forgot to say when the return of the mighty Mingmong was: 8th October 2003. The day before my birthday, so that's quite nice!

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Latest reply: Sep 15, 2003

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