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aka Bel - A87832164

Hi Ictoan, I only just noticed that your page is blank. Did you leave h2g2? If so, may I ask why? Your name is gone, just a user number, it is strange. smiley - hug


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A number of reasons.
This is subjective and as such no names, no links. I'm not after agreement or converts.

I made a mistake which was offensive to someone, and regardless of whether they saw it or not, it fell way below my personal standards and triggered the need for me to withdraw and take some time to think about how I'd made such a mistake.
But that was just the straw.
In general, over a while now, I've felt less and less involved and part of things.
I used to come here because there was a wealth of stuff to learn and the general atmosphere was one of free exchange of information and tolerance (with some good natured ribbing!).
Now it seems knowledge is wielded as a piece on a game board to score points with the aim of 'winning' and tolerance seems to have reduced.
I just don't find it a friendly learning environment anymore.
Secondly, the silly stuff used to be just that. Now it feels forced - over-enthusiastic. "Come on, let's have fun everyone!". Not everyone, not all the time, but the sparkle has gone.
The whole place just feels...grey.

Of course, I am well aware that could be just me. And I'm fully open to that idea, in which case I'd be being churlish and a bad looser to try and force my perspective on the world. And working out which it is is rather important I think. Which is why I've gone, cos if it is me then I've nothing to offer and I'd just be casting my own little rain cloud over this corner of the net.

So either way, time to take a break. So I have.

Bel to Ictoan

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aka Bel - A87832164

Dear me, I only found this now that I've unsubscribed from a gazillion conversations.

I sympathise with what you said. I've finally arrived at exactly the same point, if for different reasons. smiley - hug

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I'd love to stay in contact - my email is ictoan plus wawi (all one word, 10 characters in all) at googlemail dot com.
I hold no animosity to h2g2 and it's been a great home for many years. I still read stuff here occasionally, I just don't think I have anything to offer and since leaving have found it didn't leave that big a hole in my life. People do - there's folks here I haven't heard from since which I regret. So anyone else who wants to email feel free. But at the moment I shan't be re-engaging on site.

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