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I'll not be on for a bit

On monday I'm going to Ware in Hertfordshire for a week with my Girlfriend smiley - smiley I've not seen her for ages because we live miles apart so I'm dead excited smiley - biggrin

This does however mean that I am not going to be on h2g2 for quite a while smiley - sadface

I may be on later today and possibly a little tomorrow. Other than that, I'll see you all in just over a week smiley - cheers

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Latest reply: Jun 29, 2002

The longest day of the year.

smiley - footballsmiley - wah
smiley - yuk

Thankgod today is over smiley - sadface

And its the longest day of the year so it starts getting darker earlier from now on smiley - wah

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Latest reply: Jun 21, 2002

I want a holiday...

...but my friends want to go later in the summer when I'll have started my new job smiley - wah

smiley - sadface

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Well, thats that.

As of 11am tomorrow I have finished Uni forever smiley - smiley

It is sort of sad but then I think of no more exams ans no more lectures and it is kind of appealing.

One thing that isn't appealing, however, is the thought of no h2g2 for possibly 6 days smiley - yikes after today we are cancelling the phoneline in our student house and I cannot get on till i go home on wednesday unless I can get time to go into uni at some point.

anyway, I'm sure the backlog will wait for me smiley - winkeye

Tonto smiley - cheers

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Well as it happens, both have happened smiley - biggrin

I am now an ACE and they are offereing me the jobsmiley - smiley

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Latest reply: May 31, 2002

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