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Man in a suitcase, part 3

Yes, indeed, still a Man in a Suitcase. And a few cardboard boxes. And a couple of plastic bags.

Tsk. Still, at least I have my CDs back, and my books, and my DVDs. And Deus Ex for the PS2. So if I'm missing for a while, it's because I'm fighting terrorists as part of some conspiracy plot thing. Maybe.

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Further adventures of a man in a suitcase

I have to move this weekend. fords_prefect will be pleased.

I then have to move in September.

I hope I never have to move again. Why do all my possessions look pitiful when packed, but are still very heavy? smiley - grr

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Folding garments for the Lord

This must be the worst job *ever* smiley - sadface

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Man in a Suitcase, part two

Name: DoctorGonzo
Address: As of noon tomorrow, no fixed abode.

Damn. A bit of the old 'couch surfing' is called for.

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The fear of God

Well, that was an unusual, and possibly successful, job interview. The interviewer's opening gambit was to tell me that he was a Christian. A very strict Christian. And the company he ran embodied those values - therefore:
* No swearing
* No blasphemy
* No music
* No mobile phones
* No music
* No computer systems

And I wasn't to be offended if I asked him if he wanted to go for a drink, and he turned me down. Now, thinking about this, it's difficult to say how I'm going to offend him. I undoubtedly will, at some point. I'll drop something and swear, or read Richard Dawkins in the canteen, or start singing some raucous melody, or come in hungover. I can't last, that's for sure. I can't keep the real me, the godless and offensive me, under wraps for long.

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