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Intended New Years Resolution to make more of an effort when it comes to keeping in touch with friends. Which presumably means spending more time here. No bad thing.

Now, off I go to invest in a sturdy address book...

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Before and After

Prior to Haircut, I could easily replace Mickey Dolenz and nobody notice. Well, maybe.

Post-Haircut, I can support Millwall and fit in.

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Attention all spammers:

My email address has now changed.

Please send all future correspondence featuring pornography, 'help' with debt, and penis/breast enlargement to [email protected]

Oh, and non-spam types can send stuff there too...

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What happens...

...when one of the people I hate most in the world comes across someone infinitely more intelligent, insightful and witty than him?

(I hope people can tell which is which)

"Why? Does it suddenly turn into Tolstoy?"

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Avoid meetings, stupidity is contagious.

Meets, on the other hand, are ace. smiley - biggrin

Highlights, for me, of the Summer Meet 2002:

*Finding the most cliched pub in the whole of Woking. Lots of tattooed men drinking lager and discussing football. A mobile even rang with a 'Land of Hope and Glory' ringtone.
*Toccata's lovely home and gracious hospitality. And her Mr Benn book.
*Travelling on the tube to London. I can't believe that it ever loses its novelty.
*The cool market with lots of unusual stalls. It looked like an upmarket Eastenders market.
*Seeing Tower Bridge. I made the tourist's mistake of wanting to see London bridge, but I was shown the error of my ways. The busy Thames was impressive, as was the glimpse of St Paul's, the Post Office Tower, and the Tate Modern. If only I was there for longer.
*The unbelievable 'Nathan-ness' of Kensington.
*Meeting lots of fine people for the first time. I've yet to take a dislike to anyone I've met at a meet - dunno it that's mutual smiley - winkeye
*Meeting lots of fine people for the second or third time.
*Misuderstanding the very simple rules of Softball/Rounders. 'Why didn't he run?', said some. 'Why did he run then?', asked others. 'Why did he hit it straight at the fielder?', said another onlooker. 'When are we going to the blimmin' pub?', asked I.
*Getting the tube to the pub. Hurrah! And the bright lights of Piccadily Circus. Huzzah!
*The scary barmaid, with the hairy armpits, who almost had a fight with Ben. Now that would have made it a night to remember.
*Revelations regarding my head size, during the pub quiz.
*Crikey, it all gets a bit alcohol-fuzzy now. It's a haze of drunken hellos and goodbyes, giving unwanted hugs and innappropriate kisses.
*Forcing Jamie and fords to listen to French dance music on the journey back smiley - musicalnote

All in all, a fun couple of days. I'll be back, that's for sure.

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