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Taking a gamble...

..can sometimes work out rather well... smiley - blush

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Terry Lloyd 1952-2003

Although the words 'thought to be dead' are used in the BBC report, it's unlikely that ITN would announce his death without pretty solid information. Terry Lloyd was first western journalist to get into Kosovo, a brave thing to do considering the Serbian army's reputation for murdering journalists. He also broke the story of Saddam Hussein's attacks on the Kurds in northern Iraq.

War reporting always causes me two experience two conflicting emotions. There is the natural revulsion at bloody conflict, at the needless loss of life. But there is also a desire - almost bordering on jealousy - to be out there myself. It's reporters like Terry Lloyd who are an inspiration. Dogged determination without showboating, and with a much-needed humanity.

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A snatch of conversation...

"Yeah, so I left the Air Cadets because I realised that being a pacifist and a sort-of member of the armed forces was a bit of a paradox. I'd probably drop food parcels or fluffy toys instead of bombs."
"That sounds like a surrealist air force"
[While doing machine-gun-impression] "Are those the ones that go Dada-dada-dada-dada-dada?"
[Blank looks]

Don't you hate it when a clever pun falls flat?

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These things come in threes...

And so far today I have:

*Switched off the PC next to mine in the uni computer centre, in an attempt to switch my one on, causing the girl using it to lose her work
*Knocked a small child flying and howling in a shop, through the simple act of opening the door.

So, am I doomed to commit another accidental atrocity? Or is the trilogy complete with karma taking its revenge? (ie, I'm locked out of my flat)

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Exams, essays, and bareface cheek

How to be naughty in exams/essays in three easy steps:

1) In an essay about high and low culture, use Fiona Banner - the controversial Turner Prize nominee - as an example. This means that you can mention the name of the pornographic film that inspired her work: 'A**ewoman in Wonderland'.

2) When discussing the difference between tabloid and broadsheet newspapers, say that broadsheets often challenge their readership more, while tabloids are more about consensus. As an example, cite the recent Guardian review front page which said 'F**k Cilla Black'.

3) This I consider my crowning glory. Going back to the essay about high/low culture, use an example you have written about on h2g2 - in my case, Jack Vettriano. Quote from your h2g2 entry, and credit it to 'Anon'. It's for 'Theories of Popular Culture', after all, which contains a section on 'cyberculture', so quoting from the web is fine. Congratulations - you are now an authoritative source.

Alternatively, you could find such tiny rebellions a bit sad. Most people I've mentioned them to don't share my glee.

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