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I have something very amusing to say

Unfortunately, to read it, you'll have to visit my weblog. Plug ahoy!

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Latest reply: Jul 31, 2003

Textual masturbation

Well, that's what a blog is, isn't it? is where I'm sticking my thoughts for no-one to read. Excellent.

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Love and theft. Well, apart from love...

It seems that the bitterness of ex-girlfriends has much in common with BSE. They both appear to have long incubation periods, and render the victim unable to communicate in what may be called a 'normal manner'.

Oh yes, and they both create mad cows.

Better say goodbye to those DVDs, then, and move on. So one of us can, at least.

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My exams are this: passed

Hurrah! Two of the four are merits, too.

And so on to third year. Why make a big deal about this? Because after 3 attempts to pass first year (don't ask) I passed second year in one go.


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A change of name

That's right. I'm sick of 'DoctorGonzo'. Sick of it, by golly I am. So I'm getting rid of it. And I'm bringing back an old name, a old sort-of nickname, that originated as a corruption of my surname.

A new name, to go with the new me. Fitter, Happier, and More Productive. Apart from the 'productive' part, that is... smiley - biggrin

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