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Another family of Dolphin left my planet today.

These sub-humans just finished knocking steel spikes into the spinal cords of a pod of some 20 Risso's Dolphins and their bodies are on the way to the butcher house in Taiji, Japan.

They have now developed a system of outriggers with tarps to prevent the cameras from capturing any images of their shameful work.

There is a strong feeling around the world that this must stop yet the Japanese Government still tries to say that it is a cultural practice and is none of our business.


On February 14th 2014 there will be worldwide protests at Japanese Embassies and Consulates condemning the slaughter of these Humans of the Sea.

Please join me and add your voices in outrage by finding the nearest location and protesting the disgraceful actions of these few morons who are protected by the Japanese Government.

thankyou. smiley - dolphinsmiley - love


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Found a new fool.

After 30 years together and succesfully raising two very promising little Tricians smiley - nahnahsmiley - monster I found out that Mrs Trician has found a new fool.
One morning just before Christmas a nice man came and knocked on my door and served me with divorce papers.
Not such a surprise as we have been living 750 miles apart due to the economic meltdown since 07.
However, the knife in the heart came yesterday when I realised that...(wait for it)...she had 'unfriended' me on Facethingy !!smiley - bruised

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Poetry. Patriotism.

So that i can find this again ...

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4th of July.

This about sums it up.

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A little late-night snack.

Tonights entry :
Wholemeal Bread with Peanut Butter, Marmite, Fetta cheese and Avocaado.

Oh Heck Yes! smiley - somersault

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