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Ken Campbell, you say?

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Edward the Bonobo - Gone.

Coincidentally, I've recently posted a couple of things about him - eg his proposals for Bislama as a world language and his quote:

'I'm not mad! I've just read different books.'

I saw his 'The War With The Newts' at the Liverpool Everyman when I was young.

Ken Campbell, you say?

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Alec Trician. (is keeping perfectly still)

you are the first person in nearly 8 years of me being here to ask me about that.smiley - gift

Ken was a great favourite from early days at the old Sheffield Playhouse, then came 'the Stirrings in Sheffield on a Saturday Night' a heartwarming story about the struggles of the working masses.

Saw him later at the Nottingham Playhouse with a legendary story about a local butcher (played by Ken) who undertook amazing feats of prowess.
Ken was an innovator when it came to sets and the whole 'mechanical' side of theatre and many of the things that the scenery did drew gasps and applause from the audience.

Then he toured with 'The Belt & Braces Roadshow' and I believe he also did a production of 'The Illuminati' with an 8 hour run time.

But his production of the guide was the best. It featured all the original cast from the radio series and was set on five adjoining stages. We pushed the entire audience around to face the next scene.
I think it had about a 3 hour run time. Two different flavours of pan-galactic wotsits were served.

I haven't heard anything of him lately, in fact probably not since he was in 'a fish called Wanda'. I shall run off to YouTube next to see if I can find him.

Anyway, thanks for dropping by...I enjoyed a lot of the suggestions in your 'listening to' thread. I'm glad you got some songs from
John Martyn in your collection, I'm a bit of a fan of his myself.
Did you ever see him play?

smiley - cheers

alec.smiley - clown

Ken Campbell, you say?

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Edward the Bonobo - Gone.

I'm sad to be the one to have to inform you that Ken Campbell died last year:

Yes, I saw John Martyn twice. Once solo at a charity gig. Hew did that thing of his where he used an echo machine and played against the echoes. A virtuoso performance. I also saw him with a band. He was shite.

Ken Campbell, you say?

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Alec Trician. (is keeping perfectly still)

Thankyou for the information Edward, I didn't know that he'd died.smiley - sadface
I'm afraid I'm a bit out of touch over here.
I looked for him on youtube last night and found him telling a wonderful story about a seance.
Then this one called 'BANG'
smiley - smiley

alec.smiley - clown

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