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Worst Ever Use of Apostrophe

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Hi Bored,

I noticed you have a thing about apostrophes, and thought I'd share this with you.

There's a pub in the Clerkenwell district of London that has named one of its bars after an English poet. It's called

Keat's Bar.

Amazing, eh?

Worst Ever Use of Apostrophe

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That actually hurts! Keat's! What were they thinking? Were they thinking?

I work in a university where we teach people how to be clever and stuff. We have one Principal and two Vice-Principals. The Principal has his own office, the other two share. Our signs?

Principals' Office
Vice-Principal's Office

I cringe every single time I walk past those signs. One day I'm going to vandalise them into grammatical correctness.

Worst Ever Use of Apostrophe

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I don't see how you can call yourself "bored" when you've got those signs to shred your nerves day after day.

While Keat's beats Principals', I think your signs win on points for their academic environment.

Vandalise away. If there are any recriminations, I'll provide a character reference.


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