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Don't Worry About the Stinkin Job!!

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I really felt for you lovey, and I hope that you are ok.
It just means something better is on its way for you!!
Thinking of you
Soosmiley - ok

Don't Worry About the Stinkin Job!!

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Oh, I'm fine, thanks for asking. I was really, really mad about it for about two hours then I went out for lunch by myself to my favourite little shop and thought that it wasn't really worth fretting over. So now I'm returning to education to do something I want - a course in teaching English as a foreign language - which should mean I end up actually helping people instead of producing piles of paper which no one reads nor wants.

Don't Worry About the Stinkin Job!!

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I had to send a message of support, as it could have been a bad thing but I am so glad you have been spurred on to something much more positive!!
My neighbour is 21 and was ditched at the altar last yr, just after leavin Uni.
Poor love, she picked herself up, did TEFL on line ans is half way through 8 months of teaching english in China!!!

You go girl!!

Must just say, I was fired from a temping job at Yellow Pages, many moons ago.
I took a sicky off to go and see a gorgeous chap in London, and got spotted by a supervisor in Oxford St.
She was with some chap from work, not her hubby, so I thought I might be ok
Got summoned to see the boss on my return and when asked why I was in London, when I was supposed to be in bed with gippy guts, I replied that I was on my way to Harley St to see my Dr.....
What else could I do, I married the chap and went travelling for 7 yrs instead!!
Take care and look forward to seeing you around
Soosmiley - tea

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