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When i first heard the song "Cochise" Audioslave, I immediately lost all faith in Tom Morello as a guitarist, becuase he ripped it off of Pantera's "I'm Broken". Now I've heard "The Ocean" by Led Zeppelin. Christ.

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Slayer-Reign in Blood

So yesterday, one of my moms friends from edmonton came over. She and my mother are both devout Christians. Keep this in mind. So I walked over to the mall, and bought Reign in Blood by Slayer. A few blocks from home, i tucked the cd in the back of my pants, so my parents would not see the cover, which is complete with parental advisory sign, pentagram, naked people hanging on ropes and that wierd goat-headed guy being carried around on a litter by a priest. BUT, on the way home, my mother, her friend, and my smallest brother, who is eight, picked me up in the car. We drove the short distance to the Luciano's, a great Italian restaurant. SO, during the entire meal, i was sitting there, WITH A SLAYER CD STILL TUCKED INTO THE BACK OF MY PANTS. I was nervous, to say the least.

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Yay, I just bought my first electric guitar on the 26th! Fender Strat, for two hundred, and a fender bullet amp for two hundred sixty! Fifteen different built in effects! SO COOL!

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tool coming to calgary oct 7. i think theyll sell out the dome.

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Just bought Lateralus. Good album.

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