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The diet experiment, day 2 continued...

Well, today was easy and kindda weird. I had no real urge for chocolate or anything else sweet, but the experiment says that I have to eat a peice anyway. So I just (for the first time in my life) ate a peice of chocolate without enjoying it. I was actually glad to have it over with and I have no urge to stuff myself with more. That has NEVER EVER happened to me before, so that was kindda a breakthrough I guess smiley - biggrin

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The diet experiment, day 1 & 2

Yesterday I had a break-through in my diet. I have been slacking of a little lately, eating candy and not really putting an effort into it. Plus I have had this problem for a while (or all my life really) that when I buy some candy, chocolate, cake or anything like that, I can't just eat one piece and be done with it. I have to eat it all, and tell myself afterwards that at least the temptation is out of the way now.

But yesterday I decided that this has to stop, and it has to stop now... I thought that it must be possible to train myself to not do this anymore. Yesterday was my official day one of the process, and I did well smiley - smiley

The experiment is this: For an entire month I have one very small peice of chocolate every day, and just one piece. I have to eat it even if I don't feel like having chocolate, and it has to be just one peice and no more. My hope is that after that month has passed, I will have better control over my binge eating and have mastered the art of eating a little and actually leaving some for another time...

Yesterday was hard. I had been eating sensible all day and had stayed well within (and even under) my calorie count for the day. When the evening came I felt like something sweet and I knew I had some chocolate in the house. That is when I thought of the experiment. I eat the one little piece and I really enjoyed it smiley - biggrin After that I wanted to eat more, but instead I rushed to the bathroom and brushed my teeth to remove the urge to eat more. It worked nicely, but an hour later I felt like have the rest of the chocolate. I did not however... I managed to get through it by talking to myself, telling myself that I could do this, and that I had to be strong, I even prayed smiley - winkeye But I did get through it smiley - biggrin

That was only day one, and this is just the beginning of day two. For people who don't have this problem with food this may seem simple. But for me, this is a big-time challange.

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Life, the Universe and a small piece of chocolate...

I've never really been one for these journal entries (hence the emptiness before this... smiley - winkeye), but I just got through my first h2g2 meet-up and found that if this is not a good enough reason to write something, then nothing is...

Hosting the meet myself, it was a bit exhausting, but worth every minute. I got to meet Tube, Bossel, Bumblebee, Pierce, Hatifnat, Engländer, KimotoCat and Ottox. It was the first time I ever got to meet someone from h2g2 in person, so it was quite a treat for me.

We had quite a few good days together, shared some laughs, some good food and quite a few good drinks smiley - winkeye

I have so many impressions still floating around in my head trying to sort themselves out, so maybe I'll write some more later when they are sorted out... depends... smiley - biggrin

Oh, most importantly, I got gifts, chocolate and a cow and two loo-brushes, one of them blue smiley - cheerup And Tube... thanks for all the small pieces of chocolate you left behind for me... I have had some today smiley - winkeye

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