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Hello Chadsmoor Charlie and Welcome to h2g2!

Well you took your time didn't you! You procrastinator you smiley - tongueout

You see you need to activate your user page before anyone can post to you. As a result of the extended delay on your part, you fell through the gaps in the welcoming process until I did a bit of trawling through to see if we'd missed anyone smiley - yikes

Never mind, we're here now smiley - smiley And so I see are you! I don't know how useful this *formal welcome* thingy will be to you as you can obviously navigate this site already (well at least when you can be bothered that is smiley - winkeye). But you're gonna get it anyway smiley - nahnah


My name is GreyDesk and I am one of the Assistant Community Editors (or ACES) here at h2g2.

Us ACEs are a bunch of volunteers who help new researchers like yourself settle into the site by offering help and advice. Any questions you've got, just ask me and I'll come running along to help smiley - ok

There are two ways of getting in touch with me. You can either hit the *reply* button at the bottom of this message, or you can go to my homepage (point and click on my name at the very top of this message) and hit the *discuss this entry* button which is located towards the bottom of that page.

To get you started on the site there are a couple of places I recommend that you visit. First off try the Welcome Page here - <./>Welcome-Newcomers</.> which has got lots of the basics and "how to do it" tips and stuff. After that why not take the "h2g2 Tour" here - A317459 to see how it all fits together.

Some of the terms we use on h2g2 can be a bit confusing (heck its confusing to me at times!) To help you out with the jargon another researcher, Dasterdly, has written this great little article for your help and entertainment - A632431

There is also a newspaper published on site called The h2g2 Post (which is always good for a read - <./>ThePost</.> ) and they've put together a page of really useful links to places on the site where people are chatting and writing - A630019.

Well I hope that lot will keep you busy. And as I said before, if you need a hand just give me a shout.

Have Fun

GreyDesk smiley - alesmiley - smiley

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Hello Chadsmoor Charlie...

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