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I wonder...

People walk or run... a plane flies... boats sail and cars drive...

But what does a Submarine do?

Some say it submerges, but it also emerges. Some claim it dives, but that's just a vulgar way insulting the sub as well as saying that it submerges.

But since it both submerges, emerges, goes forward, and also backwards... then what does it really do?

It has propellers... maybe it propels around underwater? And above water for that matter? You might suggest it floats, but then again, to successfully float, you'd have to stay above the water. Thats the whole idea of floating, and while the sub is underwater it would mean it failed in it's attempt to float.

Since it is underwater, and moves around like a fish, we might suggest that it swims. Although swimming would allow you to move forward, backwards, submerge and emerge it also requires you to have fins and tails I belive.

Perhaps we need to find a word so that we actually know what a submarine does...

Meanwhile, I look forward to hearing the Admirals state that their subs are "Ready to swim out of Harbour"... or Propel out?

Any ideas for a verb for our cute subs?

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