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Seven of Nine [(1x52)-2-8]x1=42!

Arpeggio? Certainly an interesting researcher. She is having a go at me now, on my page. If you can find anywhere where I have been terminally illiterate, or read badly, {her words} would you please let me know? Thank you, Babel.:-)

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Babel o' fish...back to earning a crust!

She sounds a right bitch. Haven't read the whole thread - will do that tomorrow and leave something (I hope).
Btw thanks for the 50000 volts - gave me the biggest hard on I've had in years!!smiley - smiley

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Babel o' fish...back to earning a crust!

Seven, no I can't see where you've been illiterate etc. I'm not even going to post anything on that thread. I would only communicate with Arpeggio in RL otherwise things are too open to misinterpretation. Trying to figure out why she is so "complex" but all I can come up with is it's because of those chips on her shoulders (makes for a well balanced person?smiley - yuk).

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