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I see nothing has changed then

Thank you for the congratulations etc from people. As you can see the post has been yiksed, nothing had changed here and the reasons I stayed away have remained the same.You cannot even post you had had a success without someone jumping on it. I am dying, slowly, my lungs are giving up, and may have 5 years left ,some people survive 10, some only 2 so who knows I may be lucky . But what I do know is that life is too short for this over moderation and I don't have the time to worry or think about it. I hope to get the next two parts of the trilogy written and out before I cop it and my non fiction book( Two were in the pipeline, one already has a publisher, but realistically i may only manage one). I get very tired and some days cannot even manage to type.. It will be coming out in hard copy eventually but i don't have the time to wait, hence getting it out on Kindle.
I wish you well hootooers .I should really wipe my page clean and remove all posts in protest but don't have the energy and won't give the yikesing people that satisfaction.I may pop back from time to time to see how everyone is doing but cant promise. I miss some of our lost friends very much especially Pieter,i hope that the rest of you have long and happy lives. I should add I am not unhappy, I have had a great life, a rollercoaster and as nanny Ogg says " I ain't got time for no regretting" So carry on regardless hootooers ,i sadly no longer have the stomach to deal with moderators and yiksers.
love to each and everyone of you xx
Ps excuse spelling etc the drugs I take affect my eyes and I am too vain to wear reading specs .

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This post has been removed.

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The prodigal returns

I said I would return when Rev Nick was reinstated....well he is back so justice is served. I however, due to severe ill health have given up an online presence. I used to run two blogs and write for several others ,but have deleted one and have left the other one as requested for others to use as a resource, but I no longer contribute on line. Since I was last on here over 2 years ago I have had to give up work due to increasing ill health , Baggins cat sadly passed away in Nov 2009, I now have Clarice and Eustace two rescue young cats, and daughter is studying for a PHd in biofuels and has left home. Each time she comes home more of the house seems to disappear into her car and go back with her lol. So that is it really. I have been commissioned to write a book but due to being so ill that is on hold for a few months.The side effects of the medications I am on make me weak and nauseous and I cannot walk from one room to another without having an asthma attack. Its been a very tough couple of years but despite rumours to the contrary I am still alive, barely, and still functioning mentally. So that is it for those who might be interested. I may get back sometime but in the meantime be good, keep the place tidy and keep the troll net handy, I see they and the phantom yikeser are still around. Some things don't change. adieu hootoo. xx

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goodbye old friend

I have logged on to let people know that oedipus cat passed away in his sleep a few minutes ago. He went peacefully, gave a few snores , twitched and was gone. He was 20 years 5 months.
I know hootooers especially pheloxi liked to hear stories about the cats, so i thought i would let people know.
Oedipus Cat R.I.P smiley - rose
He will buried in the garden this evening.
Goodnight old friend.smiley - love

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nowhere to go to

I wondered if anyone else remembers n2g2. It was before the BBC took over H2G2 and I met 2legs on there before hootoo. There must be others in hootoo land who remember it.smiley - senior I know there is a version on Yahoo still called n2g2 and I confess ,though a membersmiley - blush I don't contribute as often as I should.
My memory may be playing trickssmiley - headhurts but I have a feeling it was an American server and it either shut down or started to charge money. Maybe someone else can remember what happened to it,it was still going when hootoo started on the BBC servers. smiley - ok
I won't be around much as not at all wellsmiley - ill and I am busy writing a book.I was approached last year by a publisher to write an academic book and because I was too ill had to say no.smiley - sadface However I decided to write a book about what I would like to write about so wish me luck they will accept that instead when it's finished.If they don't I've enjoyed the writing anyway so nothing lostsmiley - smiley
smiley - hug to all be good to yourselves.

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