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Hiya sub!

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Witty Ditty


I see that you have my entry on Memory to edit smiley - smiley

I hope I don't take up too much of your time over it - have a nice hot cup of smiley - tea while you work smiley - smiley

Give me a post when you're done smiley - smiley

Stay smiley - cool,

Hiya sub!

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Konrad (1x6^(9-8)x(8-1)=42) (OMFC) (Goo at work, alabaster at home)


Haven't even looked at the thing yet...but I will get round to it I promise smiley - smiley Sounds interesting, I did a bit of psychology at uni and I'm very experienced in losing my memory (linked to alcohol consumption at university).

Are you going to the london meet this weekend?

Will let you know if i've got any queries about your masterpiece.


Hiya sub!

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Witty Ditty

smiley - blush

Thank you smiley - smiley

I'm afraid I've taken myself off the 'possibly' list as after being on-call on Thurs and Fri, I was so smiley - sleepy on Sat that I just slept the whole day! As you can guess, I'm on-call again this week...

It's a bit lazy of me not to turn up, but I feel that I'd be no fun as a very tired and soporific entity...

I did that memory experiment too - alcohol and memory... discuss, experiment, remember your results smiley - winkeye

More smiley - tea while you work? Or maybe a slice of smiley - cake, or even a smiley - choc?

Stay smiley - cool,

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Hiya sub!

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