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2legs - Hey, babe, take a walk on the wild side...

Quiet. innit? smiley - sleepy
not sleeping again. last four nights, less than an hour a night. smiley - yawn
Did towel laundry yesterday, clothes laundry today. which, is about as exciting as it gets here, during lockdown, with no pubs and no gym, and... well, nothing really. smiley - yawn
Dr appointment, for this month, now switched to telephone, which saves a trip to the hospital smiley - zen that is another bone clinic app, with the chief honcho consultant, as my last results were basically saying my bones are fine now smiley - huh - need another bone scan, but I doubt they're doing them during the pandemic, as they really ain't exactly essential/time crucial things smiley - zen
Still waiting for hospital endocrinology, to write a letter, or send a carrier pigeon, to my GP, to get me prescribed a different brand of the growth hormone, they've had err, four months and still not managed it, only have a few weeks left of the medication now smiley - shrug - mind, still waiting for them to send a simular missive to the GP, requesting the bloods they're ment to do before each testosterone injection; due the next of them, by the end of this month smiley - yawnsmiley - biro - I've asked them, for both of these; and also reminded them, via E-Mail, and spoken to them on the phone regarding it also, I can't really do any more, so I'll just wait, and maybe send another message when I run out of the growth hormone, and again after the next testosterone injection, missing the bloods beforehand. smiley - shrug


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dragonqueen - eternally free and forever untamed - insomniac extraordinaire - proprietrix of a bullwhip, badger button and (partly) of a thoroughly used sub with a purple collar. Matron of Honour.

No lockdown here in the Far North. As of today face masks are mandatory during rush hours in public transport.

Since it's winter here and -14C outdoors my specs get foggy and thus makes it hard to see.

smiley - dragon


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Pierre de la Mer ~ sometimes slightly worried but never panicking ~

I'm using a visir which w*rks slightly better. And I only need to use it in food stores, pharmacies and when using public transport which I rarely do. And everything else is closed. Except emergency rooms - which I don't want to use ...


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2legs - Hey, babe, take a walk on the wild side...

Except food shops, everything else is closed smiley - wah - so no gym, and no pub, and no meeting up with anyone from outside your household... its been over a year now since I went anywhere further than.... 3 miles from the house; which is the distance of the hospital from here smiley - shrug - hospitals etc are open, but over-saturated with covid cases, and cancelling most appointments and clinics etc- I had my bone clinic as a telephone conversation, and looks like the upcoming bone scan is cancelled smiley - shrug

In otter news, two months after I E-mailed my endocrine nurse the first time, and a few more E-Mails later, I gave up, and phoned her.... - then I received 'a copy' of the letter she had written to my GP - barely understandable, and apauling written; she even managed to scrawl the blood tests on it incorrectly; or rather not precisely enough to give the GP the exact tests that are required.

that phonecall to her was Friday, and so today its 'chase the GP surgery' - looking on the GP surgery account I have, I see no alteration to my medication, no prescription of the new growth hormone, and no record of their having received a letter. smiley - shrug

So, on the phone to explain some of this to the receptionist at the GP's, and then see if there is any sense to be got there, before returning to phone the hospital again. another pointless two months chasing a simple, clearly written letter, which still hasn't been written or sent, and now almost out of medication.

when I get the new medication I then need 'training' on how to use the new injection device. Of course, this has not been organised and won't happen, so I'll have to guess. the new device, from what I've read online, is one I can't use, as you've got to 'dial in' the dose, - the current one I use is a fixed dose, so its possible for me to use it myself.

Because what everyone needs at the moment is more stress.

Starting to feel very unwell, due to not being able to exercise. Neuropathy is too bad to spend much time outside for exercise in this cold weather; I bought a new pair of gloves; mittens, for cold weather down to minus 30 degrees C; it is positive temperature outside, and the mittens do not work with my hands, it is quickly too painful for me to grip or use my hands. yet another pair of gloves to join the pile of gloves I have that don't work, which is all of them. smiley - shrug

I'm loosing feeling in my fingers now, typing, and this is inside the house, with the heating on full smiley - huhsmiley - shrug

now, to phone the GP surgery, see what their version of the latest 'where is the letter' sarga... - if only someone would invent some kind of cheap, easy, quick, form of electronic communication to allow the GP surgery and hospital to communicate with each other, across the vast un-imaginable distance of 3 miles.


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Pierre de la Mer ~ sometimes slightly worried but never panicking ~

I believe I've told you before: No communication is as bad as the one in the health biz - with the possible exception of universities ...
But then you already know.
Weather here is not really fit for humans to go for walks in: Cold, wet and windy. But I managed to go for a walk with a friend today anyway. 4.2 km. Getting my daily average this year up to 3.1 km again.
Three friends and I form a so-called social bubble. The only people I meet indoors without wearing masks. Last week we all tested negative in order to meet, greet and eat - a leg of lamb. And empty a few bottles.
And now we are waiting for our turns to be vaccinated. We joke about who'll be first. The oldest turned 80 in November, but he is fit as a fiddle. While I have asthma and a few other challenges. It's exciting - albeit in a somewhat morbid way ...
Stay safe and stand together by standing apart! smiley - smiley


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2legs - Hey, babe, take a walk on the wild side...

smiley - laugh I oughta be soon up on the vaccination 'list', as they move through the most vunnurable groups... I think the UK has just about done the over 80's, the next two groups are the over 70's, and those of any age, who are 'extremely clinically vunnerable', and I'm probably in the last of those groups... I think Drs and clinical staff etc, got vaccinated along with the over-80s... smiley - erm - mind this is just getting the first of the two doses of the vaccine smiley - groan so slow so far on the vaccination front smiley - yawn

still no medication prescribed, so I'll check again tomorrow, and then start phoning round again between the hospital and GP surgery smiley - groan

its cold here, even with heating on, I've lost all feeling on my hands/fingers smiley - brr - I can't really wear gloves inside, not that they seem to help- often the gloves are less use than no gloves; they work better to keep the hands cold, than they do to keep them warm smiley - huh

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