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2legs - Hey, babe, take a walk on the wild side...

smiley - yawn this is all getting very boring smiley - yawn
Can't motivate to exercise, without access to the gym, to do a decent cardio workout smiley - yawn
went to shops yesterday, got chicken breast, beef mince, red peppers, and a few other bits... and Middle Easturn naan...
made hummus today smiley - drool
Cooked up the chicken breasts today, having marinated overnight with lemon juice, sunflower oil, sesame seeds, and Za'Ater spice blend smiley - drool
had a naan between me and W for lunch, with some of the chicken and some of the hummus smiley - drool which will be lunch for the next... four days I think smiley - magic

in otter otter news, got a result back from the hospital, I'd sort of forgotten about, had a CT scan a few... weeks, months? back, as I had been having some symptoms/signs of cancer relapse, scan came back negative, which was good smiley - scientist

basically I'm just reading and reading (audio books), ATM, mainly trashy fiction stuff as my concentration is too crap for anything proper anymore smiley - wah helps pass the time though smiley - booksmiley - book
ordered some stuff online last night from Bodyshop, and still waiting for a new SD card to arrive... - was disappointed the sandisk one just died so quickly, so went for Kingston this time smiley - grr once that is here, can move all my music over again, from the PC smiley - geek and then at least have space for a few more books... I'm getting through a book a day at the moment (short books work well for my concentration mind smiley - blushsmiley - senior ) smiley - zen
stay frosty smiley - zen

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Pierce The Pirate ~ out of Hotblack Desiato mode again ~

Congrats on receiving news on negative results. This kind of news is always welcome smiley - ok

Seems I just fixed my computer. It refused to open the doors to Facebook unless I used moderate physical pressure (clicking the link up to a dozen times) and my internet bank was completely inaccessible. I can get in now and feast my eyes on all the dough I have saved since my local pub went into quarantine. Gosh what party we will have when it reopens! I'd better stock up on aspirin smiley - laugh

smiley - pirate

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2legs - Hey, babe, take a walk on the wild side...

same here! I had to move money between accounts yesterday, and put a load into one of my savings account smiley - blushsmiley - 2cents

Success today, was mustering up energy to do something... did housework, laundry, and felt so much better for having done something; then played guitar a while, before checking online; and shocked, found a free online supermarket grocerys delivery slot! - so did a quick shop for things we don't get locally, mainly frozen fish fillets smiley - magicsmiley - fish so we at least have some normal food arriving smiley - magic

My new SD card for my phone arrived today, so I must format that, and start moving all my music library back over to it smiley - groan from the PC smiley - sleepy but... first I think it must be lunchtime here (middle-easturn naan, with home marinated Za'ater chicken breast, and home-made hummus smiley - drool ) again... smiley - blush tonight for dinner is the second half of the beef chilli I made last night smiley - chef

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You can call me TC

Do you really still have to format things before you load files on to them? I sometimes do, but often forget.

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2legs - Hey, babe, take a walk on the wild side...

yes/no... depends. - for example you can have a SD/MMC card formatted at least two ways... perhaps more; as 'portible media', or as 'internal storage'.... I imagine the second might be more useful if you've a small phone memory; but I know it puts a lot more stress on the MMC, and so increases likelihood of card failure... formatting as 'portible media' seems default, and I think this card already was smiley - ermsmiley - geek

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