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drugs and smell. not smelly drugs. much.

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2legs - Hey, babe, take a walk on the wild side...

smiley - huhsmiley - weird
So, spacing the testosterone injections to once every 10 weeks, as opposed to once every 12 weeks has made some difference smiley - blush - for the first time since 2015, I'm producing 'body oder' smiley - erm noticibly of the armpit variety; guess I'll have to stop wearing the same tee shirt to the gym every day all week long - seriously, I sweat excessively, due to the hormones and stuff, yet, over all those years, I was not producing any body oder at all so could just let them dry after the gym, and wear them again smiley - blush - and yes I have experimented and worn the same socks, including at the gym, over more than 7 days, with the same results - well it was an experiment, and yes, there was no scent to them cept for the smell of 'new trainers', the smell of 'new trainers', has also been a constant over the past four/five years smiley - laugh
But, at the 10 week spacing I'm just* starting to produce some 'natural' body scent smiley - cool - you've probably no idea how odd it is to entirely lose your own personal body scent, it is* weird and very disconcerting..... smiley - ufo there was other stuff.... I forgot....

morning cortisol still undetectable, yet I felt fabulous that day; having taken no steroids since the morning before smiley - wah so clear thinking, no brain fog, more energy, able to 'feel' my body, and able to sense the world around me, in real time, not like some slow motion video in a faint background. yet now I'm back to feeling c**p, having to take the steroids smiley - wah

Dr is not happy with testosterone at 10 week spacing, so is moving it to 11 week spacing smiley - wah

IGF-1 (the measure of GH), has increased again, above 'normal range' so I assume they will want to lower that again (already gone from 7 days a week injecting to six...) smiley - ermsmiley - weird

Dr is adiment my bloods show me as hypothyroid, so he wants me back on levothyroxine, I just said 'no'. so he's unhappy. - as I'm hypothyroid I'll experience being tired, cold all the time, and constipation. oddly, as I am hypothyroid, I'm never tired (sleeping is problematic), always feel hot (near constant hot flushes), and am never* constipated smiley - huh
Maybe I'm not human. I don't think they've considered that.
No plans by Drs to do any further investigations. smiley - shrug
Told Dr I still get internal tremmors, and no one will do anything about it; he again said 'not our problem'. so nothing again is to be done or investigated with that. oddly, both steroids and thyroid hormones, can in various ways produce internal tremmors, whilst parkensons disease and multiple sclerosis seem to be the most frequent causes. but no one will investigate or do anything about them.

Was being productive this morning, reading scientific papers, the news etc, then I had breakfast, took steroids, and I can't read anything. smiley - shrug

It was my birthday a few days back, I was 17 years old. smiley - senior I think smiley - whistle
no gym today, we were there yesterday, and are there tomorrow and Thursday. Might make some garliccy beef meatballs today for something to do. smiley - yawn
There's one other benefit with testosterone spaced at 10 week intervals. which I'll miss. orgasms. smiley - shrug seems soon as a change in medication produces 'normal' physiological results, I have to cease, or change the meds, to produce the opposite, smiley - shrugsmiley - yawn

drugs and smell. not smelly drugs. much.

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SashaQ - happysad

That is so strange that the Drs are still adamant that what they can test should be 'normal'. Well done for not going back down the levothyroxine problem route. The steroids might be solving the dr's problem, but they sound like they're not actually doing anything beneficial for you... Interesting that the tremors could be caused by the steroids...

At least you do well burning off the excess steroids at the gym, so you feel better than you have done at times smiley - ok Would be good to get a sensible conversation going about it though - good luck with it all smiley - goodluck

drugs and smell. not smelly drugs. much.

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2legs - Hey, babe, take a walk on the wild side...

exactly smiley - headhurts mind, looking at it differently; they've achieved sod-all seeing me, often with three-monthly clinic apps, so moving it to once yearly, will just mean less trips to the hospital; and nurses will do my regular bloods checking liver kidney function, plus hormone levels, when I'm at hospital every 10 weeks, for the testosterone injections... or 11 weeks... or perhaps back to 12 again smiley - cdouble

Speaking of testosterone; still not got the GP surgery to get the prescription right.... - still showing I can't order it until September, next year smiley - huhsmiley - shrug

Yes, burning off the prednisolone at the gym seems to help; felt rather good … normal today, after 66 minutes of intervals on the elyptical trainer smiley - puff and half an hour lifting weights... even if I did virtually destroy a tee shirt.... - it weighed about half a kilogram.... that's a lot of sweet smiley - laughsmiley - yuk … we've put it in a bucket to soak, before* it goes through the wash with the rest of the clothes smiley - snork now cooking a chicken mince chili, and off to the pub after we've eaten smiley - alesmiley - brr might actually need some thicker leggings tonight smiley - brr

drugs and smell. not smelly drugs. much.

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2legs - Hey, babe, take a walk on the wild side...

talking of smelly drugs... the only drug/med I have with any scent is, oddly, Melatonin.... which has a most odd smell smiley - erm sort of yeasty... or something smiley - yuk

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drugs and smell. not smelly drugs. much.

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