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2legs - Hey, babe, take a walk on the wild side...

As in rock-climbing.

Was too smiley - ill Wednesday to make it to boot camp... = not sure what/why; I had a bit of a cold/sore throat, cough kind of thing, plus had my flu jab a few days before (but the sore throat thing had come along before the flu jab), and was just too sagging energy wise to make it to boot camp...
Went to gym Thursday, 40 minutes elyptical intervals, then weightlifting smiley - puff
Then, in the evening went rock climbing... - well, no actual rocks, just these synthetic 'walls' kind of thing, in a place nearby- not particularly 'propper' climbing walls; they're aimed at 'all ages',- although, this in some regards makes it more harder for so-called adults like myself; the hand-grips/ledges/holes etc, to grip whilst climbing, or put your feet on; are child sized!- making my hands way too big to grip most of them...

Nethertheless, I successfully climbed most of the walls, but a few were just too tricky, due to the small size of the bits one is ment to grip on...

once at the top (about 5 or 6 meters up), your ment to let go; the roap your on, then absails one down;

however.. I discovered climbing down, is a bigger challenge than climbing up- going up is all leg work, basically quads, and my quads are way more than adaquat, but, coming down, there's some good upper-body exercise to be had; especially the triceps so I got a really good tricep workout.
That day, Thursday, we walked to gym and back, to the climbing place and back, and, then in the evening, to the pub and back; almost 10 miles walking too that day smiley - puff

Was so achy yesterday, Friday, there was only one thing to do; went to gym, 40 minutes intervals on elyptical, and lifted weights for an hour smiley - puff

wasn't going to do anything last night, but a mental friend called me, so had to go out <ale smiley - ale

Tonight we're off out to see 'Cournal spankys love assembel' or however its spelt, at the pub, a band of some sort, I gather smiley - musicalnote

My arms and shoulders ache. smiley - puff

just did a mock exam for my fitness instructor exams... smiley - headhurts

This week coming, I've dentist Wednesday, blood tests and testosterone injection Friday at hospital, and a pituitary patient group meeting in a café, on Tuesday and I guess gym around that somewhere smiley - puff

Still need to make my leather mask for the halloine thing... smiley - erm


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You can call me TC

So - how were the band?


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2legs - Hey, babe, take a walk on the wild side...

We were late to the band on Saturday night... they were OK... But I think they were tired, near the end of their set, and were starting to lack a bit by the very end... Plus at some point after we arrived, they seemed to change singer... and the replacement singer didn't quite understand the idea of singing in pitch/key smiley - laughsmiley - headhurts
We saw another band last night, after gym earlier in the day, in a different pub, who were quite good... more acoustic; was a flute, guitar and bass, plus at least two of them singing... sort of blues folk kind of stuff, with a few more pop type things smiley - zensmiley - musicalnote

Was at gym this morning; two clients, one who's had a stroke, and who has dementure, then our fun guy with CP in the wheelchair... - this week he boxed with me (well he uses me as the punchbag), and managed to run over my foot with his wheelchair smiley - bruisedsmiley - laugh - we also had him on the adapted exercise bike, the cable pull weight machines, a bit on free hand weights and rowing smiley - zen

I managed to fit in 20 minutes intervals for myself, on the elyptical, and tried an experiment I've ment to do for ages; boxing with the punch bag; but whilst balancing on the bosu (wobble board) - which works well... - as in its really hard to maintain balance, whilst boxing the punchbag, and very knackering very quick... which was rather what I was hoping... - I'll try it again soon, as I want to experiment with different more awkward/less good balance, foot positions smiley - zen

No gym tomorrow as the patient meeting is at lunchtime, and Wednesday I've dentist, so might miss boot camp again smiley - wah - then testosterone injection Friday (think my energy is dipping a bit as my levels of testosterone are dipping to the low level before the next injection) smiley - zen - oddly the first inkling my testosterone is getting low, is changes in my hearing; I become very noise intolerant, and find picking up spatial information from sound more difficult smiley - huhsmiley - weird but definitely also starting to feel more worn out by today, than I'd normally expect....

Ten pin bowling tomorrow night... but I'm really lost interest in that... so might miss it again, not been in ages and ages smiley - dohsmiley - erm or maybe I will go... can't decide....

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