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2legs - Hey, babe, take a walk on the wild side...

smiley - crysmiley - wahsmiley - grr

7 weeks until my next testosterone injection. 3 weeks since the last one. 3 weeks of administrative smiley - bleep ups, as the hospital fail to correctly write a letter to my GP.
Letter 1; tells GP I have an injection every 12 months. smiley - huh
Letter 2, following E-Mail exchanges between me and specialist nurse, Dr re-writes letter, to say 12 weeks. Dr fails to send letter, only updates it on online hospital MyChart account thing. smiley - grr
Now writing again back to specialist nurse, to try persuade the Dr (who I've never seen), to
a) look at my hospital records,
b) acknowledge I'm a (sort of) human, and that aafter 4 years of blood tests, my interval between injections is set at 10 weeks, not the 'default 12 weeks).
C) remember a letter needs to be received by the intended recipient, so, oddly, has to be sent to them smiley - headhurts

William has also been spending the morning trying to sort out a future appointment of his own at hospital, for a regular six--monthly scan he has,- they'd forgotten to book it, but had requested it - judging by his nurses E=-mail reply, this smiley - bleep up, had extended to not just him, but every other patient in the entire department smiley - rofl

Its astonishing anyone ever walks out alive from a hospital smiley - shrug

In otter news, I got 4 hours sleep last night smiley - wow first sleep for four nights smiley - ermsmiley - shrug


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2legs - Hey, babe, take a walk on the wild side...

3 weeks later. nothing. Dr not corrected error, Dr not sent corrected prescription to GP.

Now waiting reply from the complaints people at hospital- interestingly, talking to another patient of the same dept, who had come across the same Dr, she had the exact same experience; the same Dr had written a letter to her GP, just full of total rubbish; wrong drugs, wrong doses, etc., etc., smiley - grrsmiley - groan
in otter news... nothing much. pub. gym... cooking... etc., etc., met someone on Saturday night who claimed to not be nighthoover, but who was lost. we directed him, and took him to the door of his Air B&B, up a road we'd never heard of, in 'the old bakery', then ran from him, and escaped to our actual destination fo the pub smiley - alesmiley - weirdsmiley - yawn

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