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Everyything seems war at the moment. apparently the uk has declaired war with Europe, well, I assume that is the function of calling it a war cabinate, for 'sorting out brexit' smiley - snork just a pity the sorter-outer's, couldn't organise anything if they tried.

In otter news, oncology clinic appointment today, I'm on once-yearly check-ups now, for oncology, so first for a while. We've already done the bloods they requested, whilst I was in hospital last week, for the cardiology check-up. Cardiologist was rather helpful; also asked if I wanted any other bloods done whilst she was putting her's on to the 'system'- oncology bloods wehre already there, so she added the heart-related bloods, and I asked her to throw in electrolytes, TSH, T3 and T4 (thyroid). - Thyroid results show that without medication my TSH is normal, and T3 and T4 are low; but not very* low; the active one, T3, in particular is higher than it was whilst I was on medication smiley - huhsmiley - shrug

One of the main gym PT's has declaired war; a few weeks back I did the squat challange; just body-weight squats; I could do 56 in 60 seconds. The smiley - bleep an ex-pro rudgby player, has only gone and done 57.

OK. war. I'm practising for 60 squats in 60 seconds, and I'm so close now I think.

Additionally, because winning isn't enough; I need to crush him at the same time; I'm perfecting single leg squats; also called piston squats; but using my ninja like balance, doing them with no support just standing on the floor smiley - zen - I can now so nearly get parallel on both my left and right legs. - I'm pretty sure he won't have my ninja balance and composure to do them smiley - evilgrin - of course I've been practising them at home, whilst wearing a dress, so do them like a single legged curtsy natch. smiley - divasmiley - evilgrinsmiley - handbag

The otter outcome of the meeting with cardiology, is they are going to start investigating the operation I'll eventually need for my enlarged aorta; current thinking is, that, due to my hormone treatment, namely steroids, plus my osteoporosis/osteopenia, I'll probably not be able to have the operation, which, of course, means, eventually just dieing from it smiley - shrug - but we will see what their surgin says/comes back with. smiley - erm

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