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busy punk, choir.

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2legs - Hey, babe, take a walk on the wild side...

smiley - huh

Busy. was out last night at pub... yesterday was hot smiley - puff pub was oddly quiet, considering it was strawberry fare yesterday, (which we don't go to), but pub remained fairly quiet; it is on way to station, so we saw a lot of the people coming out of the fare, running for the final trains home etc smiley - snork

Off to pub this afternoon, to hear a choir, though we've no idea what they're singing smiley - weird
Off this evening to the same pub we were in last night, for a set of three, weird, punk-esk, alternative, 'artists' doing their things... - it could either be rather good, or entirely insane, which isn't to say they are mutually exclusive options smiley - zensmiley - ale the gigs tonight are in aid of a pub regular, who's just lost their posettions in a house-fire, and also in memory of another pub regular, who died exactly a year ago, the day after strawberry fare, last year smiley - sadfacesmiley - ale

watching my heart rate on my watch is curious... cooking often seems to raise it m ore than exercise at the gym smiley - huh and the lowest its reached, overnight is 38 BPM, which seems awefully low smiley - ermsmiley - shrug mind, the highest when I was asleep was over 200 smiley - huhsmiley - weirdsmiley - shrug

Also, its 'sleep tracking' is interesting; generally very accurate, for night time/afternoon sleeps, but the odd one; I get so relaxed at the pub, it often records me as having been asleep smiley - snork ; last night I slept for an hour, whilst standing up outside, drinking smiley - stoutsmiley - stout and chatting to people.... - I'm so cool and relaxed I guess but, hey, we all knew that anyhow smiley - snorksmiley - rofl

Busy week again at gym next week, plus should be starting studying soon for our level 2, fitness instructor courses smiley - yikessmiley - geek
Monday and Tuesday we've clients, and Thursday we probably* have a client, Wednesday we're being boot-camped smiley - yikes - though that may depend if we get the predicted rain on Wednesday or not smiley - grovel - Monday Tuesday and Thursday we also do our own exercising at the gym - I'll do some more bicep work, now I'm up to 18 KG per arm smiley - zen (and using the same weight for single arm rows) smiley - blush
My arms are officially now too big to fit in shirts/blouses and I've had to clear the wardrobe a bit more, getting rid of sleeved dresses, tops, which I just can't get my arms in, - the charity shops round here do well from me smiley - zen
bought a couple new sleeveless a-line tunic dresses recently, which in this heat I need smiley - puffsmiley - flustered

Testosterone injection coming up Friday... and I'm feeling low, every muscle hurts, and joints, etc, plus getting hot flushes, on top of the weather hitting hottest so far this year smiley - puff very brain foggy too, with the low testosterone, and its affecting my spatial awareness/hearing smiley - wahsmiley - grr - but, on the positive, oddly, low testosterone seems to sometimes give me more energy... I've had some seriously decent sessions the last week, on the punch bag, and even managed to cut my hand, through wearing boxing gloves smiley - huhsmiley - snorksmiley - coolsmiley - puff - mind If I'm this* hurty/achy during this week, doubt I'll do much at the gym this week that is too strenerous, if I can help it smiley - grovel

Can't think of much else, ATM smiley - erm

busy punk, choir.

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The Left Reverend Doktor Baron Grim

I do my testosterone injections on alternating Tuesdays. When I first started the injections, I was prescribed 23 gauge 1 inch needles. But there is apparently a shortage of the smaller needles so for the last 6 or more months all I can get is 22 gauge 1.5 inch needles. I do not like them. Besides being more painful, I also get bleeders more often. I must have hit a vessel on my injection Tuesday before last. It bled... a lot! To make it worse, I didn't even inject the Testosterone on that stick since I realized I hadn't purged the air bubble before inserting the needle. That's like the third time I've done that. smiley - doh

busy punk, choir.

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2legs - Hey, babe, take a walk on the wild side...

It seems, in the UK, or at least in this area of the UK, we don't use those forms of testosterone anymore; the weekly, or fortnightly IM injections, instead at this hospital-area at least, its all just the nabido IM injection; one injection every 10 to 12 weeks, with some extra loading doses, when you first start it, to get levels to 'normal range', with the peek (midway between injections), in particular not being too high; which, basically means, they don't give a smiley - bleep how rediculusly low your level is, just before the next injection.

how low?; low enough I can barely walk ATM, now can't think, and have sunk into a nice depressive state consequently to having lower testosterone levels than most females. smiley - grr - unlike females of course, I don't have any oestrogen to stop the temperature dysregulation, or all over body muscle and bone pain.
So I had to miss gym today. smiley - wah injection is Friday smiley - grovel - after which my levels will go too high a while; but at least my hearing will return smiley - zen - I get all kinds of weird sensory effects if I have low T; only, of course, Drs think 'you can't get sensory effects', so, therefore I must be lieing to them smiley - grr - like being told I can't hallucinate on hydrocortisone as I was on too low a dose to hallucinate... which, if the Drs were right, ment hydrocortisone tempory fixed my blindness, as if it wasn't a visual hallucinations I was getting, then the only other option was that I could see smiley - snorksmiley - tongueincheek

I don't think much of Drs. I don't think they think much of me. smiley - sleepy I'm just not sure I've the energy to keep fighting them; so I don't talk to them anymore, I just speak to the nurses, and sit quietly during consultations with Dr saying nothing unless they directly ask me something; which they never do. - I've a consultation soon with a new Dr, if he can't ask the simple question "what is the point, or purpose of these consultations?" adaquatly, I'm going to just quit the hospital entirely, and gradually withdrawel from treatment entirely; they didn't even seem bothered when I told them last time I'd stopped taking levothyroxine as it was making me too unwell... smiley - shrug

The punk/death metal thing the other night was fabulous. - it was a one man band, using a cello as a guitar, bowed, and heavily distorted, plus playing drums at same time... somehow smiley - huh was marvellous if a bit.... odd smiley - laugh

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busy punk, choir.

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