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2legs - Hey, babe, take a walk on the wild side...

whilst I was getting and setting up a new PC, back now though. old one not dead, just William's had died, so he got my laptop and I got a desktop again smiley - zen with my old fabulously proper clunky keyboard smiley - coolsmiley - senior


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Pierce The Pirate ~ out of Hotblack Desiato mode again ~

And by a strange coincidence (exactly as strange as coincidences so very often are) my iMac just died also. Th*rsday. Of course it had to be on a Th*rsday smiley - wah

On the plus side it no longer has any pain in the diodes down its left side smiley - zen

Went to the store Friday and bought a brand new Mac-mini. But a slightly older model so nearly half as expensive as this year's model.

Went home, connected it to an old spare screen I had saved for an occasion like this. Only to find that the screen was also dead smiley - facepalm

Saturday I went to the store again and bought a 24'' screen. My iMac was 27'' but since the screen was also a year or two old (but never before used, mind) it came at a very fair price and I can easily live without 3'' (no inuendo intended ...)

Told the Mac to download a backup file and went to a party. When I returned everything w*rked as a charm. I may be £560 poorer now but I have a computer w*rking much faster than the 12 year old smiley - ok

smiley - pirate


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2legs - Hey, babe, take a walk on the wild side...

William's old PC did very well; we estimate it was at least 15 years old... the main reason it died is slightly annoying, as we couldn't get into the admin account on it (windows 7), as the computer had been set up origionally by William's late husband, so we didn't have passwords etc smiley - doh - as it was such an old machine anyhow, I just gave him my current laptop, which wasn't ever quite powerful enough for me, and so I bought a new, albeit reconditioned PC.... for very cheap (about £150), which seems to be working rather well... but in keeping with not wasting stuff, I've recycled my old keyboard, recently discovered, from my first ever PC, a 486 66 MHZ DOS 6.22 machine, from I think about 1995 smiley - laugh - the keys are so big and clunky!; its loverly to type on, if a bit more effort as each key has such a bit 'drop' on it smiley - laugh - we also took the opportunity to set up our printer properly, and put it on the network, so both machines can use it smiley - zen

Just need to finish installing some software on this machine at some point, and moving files etc smiley - groan - though just enjoying how fast the PC is, ATM, before I install stuff on it, and slow it down smiley - groan

In otter news I'm very ill at the moment smiley - wahsmiley - ill

got some kind of throat infection, so having to take extra steroids, not sleeping, and feeling very yucky smiley - wah - just waiting for it to pass assuming it does smiley - grovel


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Pierce The Pirate ~ out of Hotblack Desiato mode again ~

smiley - sorry to hear you are poorly. Hope you will be okay again soon smiley - hug

I've had a couple of minor problems. Saturday the colours on the screen were, well - erm - different. And today screen claimed it got no signal while iTunes was playing fine via my stereo so that claim obviously wasn't the whole truth smiley - erm

I got it sorted by restarting but am a little worried it might be signs of something I can't solve should they show up again.

Oh well, we'll cross that bridge some way or another if we ever get there smiley - whistle

Until then I'll just enjoy the speed and not having to restart my browser every 15 minutes because it slows down smiley - ok

smiley - pirate


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2legs - Hey, babe, take a walk on the wild side...

Hopefully that was just a blip on your machine.... and it'll work smoothly as it oughta from now on smiley - zen

This is just some throat infection, most likely viral, but if it lingers I might bother visiting the Dr, in case its gone bacterial...- just with my hormone stuff, any infection is more major as the body can't react correctly..... which sucks...

didn't do much today, but must try get to gym tomorrow smiley - grovel then Friday I've another pointless clinic app at endocrine... - think I'll tell them to move the apps to 6 monthly from now on, I've honestly never got anything out of a single app, in... what, about four years now? smiley - huh I'm still uncertain what they're for really; if I need anything I just go to the specialist nurses who know what they're doing smiley - erm - who knows, might find out the results of the brain MRI from last November smiley - laugh if they even know they did a brain scan on me then... or what it was actually for smiley - erm - still need to chase up cardiology, nothing from them in a year, and I'm ment to be under regular checkups, due to my heart condition being fatal eventually, and their wanting to spot it just before it gets to the fatal bit smiley - ermsmiley - shrug

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